Why is everyone playing tricks on others

Play pranks

  • 1

    Drop a bucket of water on your victim's head. Use a paper cup or other container that won't break if it falls from a great height and won't hurt if it lands on someone's head. Slightly open the door to your victim's room, put the mug of water on the door and wait. If your victim opens the door now, the container will fall down and wet your victim!

  • 2

    Play the good old "cake in the face" prank. Bake a cake and place it in a large twin behind an opaque door. Keep the twins tense until someone opens the door. Then let go of it. Splash!

  • 3

    Try the old feather prank. Grab a fan and place it behind an opaque door. Now cut open an old down pillow and place the feathers in front of the fan. When your victim opens the door, you turn on the fan. Feathers everywhere!

  • 4

    The "water on the face" prank is also worth a try. Cover a faucet with tape. Now the next person to turn on the tap should get completely wet.

  • 5

    Fake a sneeze. Pick up some water. Now pretend to sneeze while someone is standing or sitting across from you. When you fake sneezing, you are throwing the water at the person you are trying to prank on. He'll be disgusted! Of course, you should have a couple of tissues with you to help him dry off.

  • 6

    Play a "You sat on it!"Prank. During a meal with your colleagues, grab some sauces (ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.) and spread them on the chair. Of course, you shouldn't do that if you know for sure that your victim is his expensive one Wears favorite trousers, even if he is a person who is always very aware of his surroundings.

  • 7

    Be the monster under the bed. Before your victim goes to bed, you hide under the bed with a fake monster hand (optional). If your victim is standing in front of the bed, grab his leg now! It will be funny to hear him scream and watch him shock, but don't ruin the fun by giving yourself away with laughter.

  • 8

    Put a pile. Buy or make fake dog poop out of toilet paper rolls or modeling clay - the muddy, the better. Place the pile in your victim's room, exactly where it is most likely to enter.