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Constant Contact Review: Pricing, Templates, and MailChimp Comparison

There are so many websites online today that if you were an ecommerce retailer, or even someone hoping to get and reach free information, you would probably be worried. In a world of push notifications and aggressive marketing, it's important to be reachable by email. Email marketing can be a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website if done right.

Among a variety of other email marketing tools, Always in Touch is a name that keeps coming up (no pun intended). In addition to the core competence of email marketing, the site has also been expanded to include other marketing-related services, which is a plus.

Today we're going to take a look at what Constant Contact has to offer and what experience to expect if you decide to give it a try.

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Constant contact functions

Keeping in mind that Constant Contact is primarily focused on email marketing, after registering an account you can create an email list, fill in your contact information, and then create your first email.

Contact information is mandatory and for those of you new to email marketing this is an area to be aware of. Many countries today have strict laws regarding data protection and personal information. Please be aware of these laws and make sure you comply with them before sending any marketing emails!

1. Create a list

Your subscriber list is at the heart of your email marketing campaign and is made up of all of the email addresses you want to reach. Entering them one by one would be a new form of madness. Constant Contact gives you several easy ways to fill your list.

The quickest and easiest method is to upload it as a file, import it directly from a Gmail contact list, or even extract it from Microsoft Outlook. When uploading the list to a file, note that Constant Contact recognizes CSV, Excel and plain text formats.

2. Run your email marketing campaigns

Once you've sorted out your email list, you're ready for an email marketing campaign.

To help you out in this Constant Contact, they have a very large repository of templates to get you started. Even better, there is a visual editor that you can use to customize any of these templates to suit your needs. In fact, you can preview some of these templates before signing up for Constant Contact.

Constant contact email templates

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Learn more: See all email templates at Constant Contact.

Each of the templates contain all of the basic information your email needs to meet most of the standard regulations. This includes including a physical address for your business, the mandatory unsubscribe link, and some other useful information.

If you have your own media such as logos, proprietary images or royalty-free images, these can be uploaded to the system and also used in your newsletters. You are allowed to use up to 2 GB of space, so it is unlikely that you will run out of space anytime soon.

Once you've named, edited, and satisfied with the email campaign you've designed, you can save it and either send it immediately, or schedule it for an automatic send time and time later. Constant Contact follows Australian Western Standard Time (AWST), so you'll need to convert your local time following it in order to schedule emails correctly.

The only small flaw I found important is that there doesn't seem to be a way to configure the system to automatically respond to user responses. What Constant Contact regards as an automatic response is more of a trigger effect that occurs at set times to release a series of emails.

3. Review the results of your campaigns

After each campaign, you can see the results on the Reports tab.

Constant Contact has an easy-to-read graph of your results and includes key stats like click rate and open rate. If you choose to integrate Google Analytics, more information is available. Aside from individual campaign results, you can also assign your results to different campaigns.

4. Constant contact apps and integrations

Constant Contact has a list of over 300 apps and other modules that you can integrate into your main account. These range from simple email import apps like for your Google or Outlook accounts to working with Zoho and Azureplus for customer relationship management and automated lead management and sales forecasting.

The apps are listed in a marketplace where, similar to WordPress plugins, they can be sorted by name, rating, rating, or even after adding. These apps offer the unprecedented ability to hugely expand your email marketing.

Updates: Constant Contact is now working with Zapier

You can now manage your email list more effectively with Zapier. Some automations (or "zap") you can now do with Zapier + Constant Contact include:

  • Add new JotFrom submissions,
  • Submit Gravity Forms,
  • Add new Salesforce leads
  • Add contacts from Google Contacts or Google Sheets,
  • Add contacts to Google Contacts or Google Sheets,
  • Add new MailChimp subscribers, and
  • Updates existing constant contacts as new Eventbrite attendees are created.

5. Event management

This is something that most email marketing tools don't really include yet. As an additional module to your account, you can log into Constant Contact for event management. This allows you to email an event invitation and fill in user responses. These answers are saved in the system and you can easily follow registrations from the dashboard.

This is a very simple feature that could be so useful to many businesses. In fact, you can even request donations for specific events through the email which can be linked to a custom donation page. Unfortunately, there is an additional monthly fee for this.

6. Additional resources and support

As one of the top names in the email marketing game, Constant Contact aims to make you successful in your campaigns. To this end, it has a large collection of online resources that you can refer to for help. All you have to do is choose what industry you are in and you will be presented with campaign ideas and even suggestions. Which templates would be suitable for your needs?

Apart from that, the system is also equipped with a knowledge base that contains the answers to many common problems that users in the past have faced. This includes both articles and video tutorials. If that still doesn't solve any problems, there is also an extensive support system in place.

Constant contact comes with chatbot help, email support, an active user community, and direct call phone lines from the US, Canada, Mexico and the UK. There is another line that supports calls from other international areas. Phone support is not 24/7, but the time that is supported is generous.

For those who desperately need help, Constant Contact also offers limited help on the weekends via its Twitter account.

Constant contact prices

Constant contact offers two main variations; Email and Email Plus. Email is a simple single user version and doesn't allow email automation, event marketing, online donations, polls and polls, or the use of coupons.

That being said, everything else is priced on an animal basis based on the size of your email list. Prices range from the low end of 500 subscribers at $ 20 per month to 50,000 subscribers at $ 335 per month. Those who have even larger lists will have to deal with them directly to get prizes.

If you choose to go for the add-on event management feature, you should pay at least $ 45 per month depending on the size of your marketing list.

For new users, Constant Contact offers a 60-day trial period in which you can take advantage of all the benefits of an Email Plus account. The only difference is that you are limited to a list size of 100 during the trial period.

Constant contact vs Mail Chimp

Features / pricesConstant contact basicConstant contact plusMailChimp Basic
Free plans?Under 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month
0 - 500 subscribers$ 17.00 / mo$ 38.25 / moFree
For 2,000 subscribers$ 38.25 / mo$ 59.50 / mo$ 50.00 / mo
For 10,000 subscribers$ 80.75 / mo$ 106.25 / mo$ 75.00 / mo
For 25,000 subscribers$ 191.25 / mo$ 191.25 / mo$ 150.00 / mo
Multiple administrators
Click tracking heat map
SMS marketing
Easy user segmentation
Event management
Facebook / Instagram Marketing
Nonprofit discount20-30% discount20-30% discount
Free trial version60 days60 days
Visit the constant contactVisit MailChimp

Success stories

Over the past decade, The Vin Bin has proven its expertise by offering its customers a refined selection of wines, craft beers, spirits, artisan cheeses and gourmet foods. Rick Lombardi's idea is that this specialty store has grown from strength to strength and turned his passion into a thriving business.

Constant Contact was one of the tools Rick used and he writes that it's a big part of his success. The system provided him with an affordable way to build customer relationships and bring them to Vin Bin. Rick and many others like him have used email marketing to strengthen their businesses and grow.

Learn more: Read Constant Contact's success stories.


With more than 650,000 customers served over 15 years, Constant Contact has grown to become a leader in small business marketing. They offer a special mix of expert knowledge, efficient core competencies and a strong support system.

Having used a few email marketing platforms, Constant Contact is feeling pretty good. It has all of the facilities (and more) a professional website would offer, while at the same time having a simplified user interface that won't be overly intimidating. Once you factor in this solid support system I would say this is a real winner.


  • Free 60-day trial period
  • Easy contact list import
  • Impressive list of add-ons


  • Strange auto-answer system

Jerry Low's note

I use MailChimp for WHSR newsletters. About a year ago Constant Contact offered me a free account. I didn't switch for several reasons:

  1. Longer-term lower costs - MailChimp is 5 - 10% cheaper than its competitors.
  2. I am satisfied with the MailChimp email builder. Hence, I'm not in the mood to try others (why fix something if it isn't broken?).
  3. And above all, I have invested a lot of effort and money in mastering the use of MailChimp and setting up my current email automation system. The cost of exchanging the money I can save from the free account.

However, Constant Contact is one of the top three candidates for email marketing tools in my opinion.

They are like the advanced version of MailChimp.

Constant Contact pricing is a little higher, but you get what you pay for. Some marketing features, such as SMS marketing, real-time sales alerts, social CRM, simple user segmentation, and invoicing (that you can't get with MailChimp) could be vital for large business organization. For starters, I recommend reading Success Stories on the Constant Contact website to find out more.

Visit Constant Contact online:

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