What are the major Canadian holidays

Canada holidays 2021

How many public holidays are there in Canada?

Canada has 5 national holidays in 2021. One of them falls on a Monday, one on a Thursday, two on a Friday, and one on a Saturday.

Holidays on Monday1
Holidays on Thursday1
Holidays on Friday2
Holidays on Saturday1
Total number of public holidays5

There are also many regional festivals in Canada. The 12 most important regional non-working days can be found in the table above.

Number of public holidays in Canada compared

With 5 public holidays, Canada is below average for the number of nationally non-working holidays. In the majority of countries around the world there are more public holidays, namely between 9 and 12. For better comparability, the additional days off excluding Sundays are counted in the following table.

There are a lot of public holidays in China and Argentina, the fewest nationwide celebrations in Switzerland, although this is offset by many regional holidays there. In countries with many non-working celebrations, there are often fewer vacation days in return.

What are the holidays in Canada?

Canadian national holidays in 2021 are New Years Day, Good Friday, Canada National Day on July 1, Labor Day in September, and Boxing Day. Popular regional non-working days include Family Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Thanksgiving, Veterans' Day, and Boxing Day.

Other regional festivals include Quebec National Day, Native American Day, Nunavut Day, and August Civic Holiday.

Is today a public holiday in Canada?

The next public holiday in Canada in 2021 is May 24, 2021: Victoria Day / Holiday in honor of Queen Victoria, a regional holiday.

Canadian public holidays and special Sundays are shown in red. Dates of public holidays that only apply regionally or for parts of the population are shown in pink. Dates in black are holidays or memorial days in Canada that are generally non-work-free.