Why does Walmart levy a high sales tax

What were the arguments against US sales tax?

One argument left out in Brythan's otherwise excellent answer is that it - or rather the border adjustment tax that is likely to come with it - will potentially unburden retailers (especially cheap Wal-Mart importers).

This is covered in detail (with specific calculations on how marginal adjustment effects work) in Vox's "House Republicans Propose Big Corporate Tax Cut That Walmart Hates" article:

This is why retailers are rebelling against the idea of ​​limit adjustment. David French, the chief lobbyist for the National Retail Federation, told Politico: " Our members have told us that the import tax could be five times their profit.I don't know how profitable some retailers would be given this import tax . "

Barney Jopson of the Financial Times reported, "Older lobbyists, who sometimes struggle to attract the attention of corporate executives, told the Financial Times they had received calls from senior executives ordering them to fight the tax plan. Some importers are threatening to ruin their profits. ”According to Bloomberg BNA reporters Aaron Lorenzo and Kaustuv Basu, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Walgreens met with the office of Ways and Means Chair Brady on the matter.

Obviously, this argument is made primarily by the importer-retail industry - but it can be argued that it would at least have an immediate negative impact on (often low-income) consumers who rely on the country's Wal-Marts for cheap overseas-made products to buy.