How does Discord Nitro work

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitrois a monthly paid subscription to Discord ($ 4.99USD)

This supports Discord so that you can continue to use your program and all functions free of charge. Since Discord is a free program and is financed by sponsors, Discord has to provide additional income. Meanwhile there are also merch as well as theme packages in the future that are supposed to change the look of Discord. Discord Nitro is mainly there to support Discord, as they don't make any money with their program itself. In return you get bonus features that nobody else has, these features that you get with Discord Nitro are nothing you really need, they serve as thanks to Discord for the support.


Discord Nitro benefits

Discord Nitro offers several advantages:

    • Animated avatar images Use (.GIF files) and not just .jpg and .png as profile picture. If you then go with the mouse over the profile you can see how the animation of the avatars.
    • Animated emojis can also be created and used on any server without restrictions.


    • Own emojis Use anywhere and on any server instead of just on its own. You can upload up to 50 different emojis.
    • Create your own Discord Tag. With Discord Nitro you can choose your Discord Tag yourself if it is not already taken.


    • Higher upload limit, Files that can be uploaded to a server can be up to 50MB instead of just 8MB. This has the advantage that you can also send larger files to others. You can send pictures as well as all other types of files, but you cannot send a collection of files in a normal folder. But you can put these files in a ZIP-compressed folder as long as it does not exceed the limit of 8MB or 50MB.


    • Discord support badge, Symbolizes in the form of a badge on your profile how long you have been supporting Discord.

In the future, there will be additional chargeable extensions for Discord, such as the aforementioned theme packages, but also sound and sticker or emoji packages. You can set the whole thing about new setting options that are still to come. It is not yet known whether you will receive further benefits with Discord Nitro in the future.