YouTube is an example of affiliate marketing

Make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube

With affiliate marketing you can not only earn money on your own website, but also e.g. on YouTube. The largest video portal in the world is well suited for this.

In the following, you will learn exactly how affiliate marketing works there, which videos are available for it and where you can include affiliate links in YouTube.

There are also other practical tips for affiliates.

Earn money with affiliate marketing on YouTube

YouTube is now one of the largest platforms on the net and has an immensely wide reach. Successful YouTubers have millions of subscribers and every video is also watched very often.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to win many YouTube subscribers and thus to ensure that your own videos are viewed a lot. But it doesn't take millions of video views to make money. Instead, you can make good money in a niche with a few thousand views per video.

This is good news for all affiliates who would rather create videos than write articles. In addition, YouTube has the great advantage that the personal level works particularly well there. This is also the reason why you should not sell on YouTube, but inspire (apart from the fact that this is also a good approach for a website). Viewers who trust and feel positive are much more likely to buy a featured product. However, only a few can be persuaded to buy.

As an affiliate, you can publish useful information, practical tips, your own experiences, interesting insights, personal recommendations and much more on YouTube, thus generating good views and affiliate sales.

There are of course other sources of income for Youtube, but affiliate marketing is the most promising.

Which videos make sense for affiliate marketing?

Various types of video are suitable for affiliates:

  • Review videos
    The most obvious thing to do is to create review videos. You present a product and report, just like in a normal text review, about features, areas of application, advantages, disadvantages and so on. This can work well, but it's pretty obvious that people should buy the product.
  • Tutorial video
    Video instructions on how to solve a problem or similar are more subtle. You describe the problem or goal and then go step by step through how it works. The fact that a product is then also used is not so obvious advertising. However, viewers will want the product if it works well within the scope of this guide.
  • Unboxing video
    Unboxing videos are no longer as popular, but this is definitely interesting for new products in certain niches. You just unpack the product and describe your impressions.
  • other videos
    Of course, there are many other types of video that can be used. For example, you could make videos while on vacation, where you can also see the camera that you had with you or your backpack. These products are not a big topic in the video, but of course there are affiliate links to them.
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Include affiliate links in YouTube

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to add affiliate links to YouTube. You cannot integrate affiliate links directly in the video.

Instead, affiliate links are included in the description below the video. These should be at the top so that the audience can see them immediately.

In addition, you can also add information about tools used, such as the camera for video recording, and also include affiliate links for this. But you shouldn't overdo it and not include 50 affiliate links. Otherwise, YouTube recognizes this as spam.

Another option is to put a link to a review article that matches the video on your own website in an info card. The viewers can look at these information cards and thus get to the written review if they want. There are of course affiliate links again. To do this, your own domain must be activated on YouTube (under "Channel> Advanced" in the YouTube admin).

In the video itself you should point out the affiliate links if it fits. You can do this by simply saying that viewers can go directly to the product via the link in the description. Or you can write it as text in the video.

One should not forget, however, that the affiliate links are marked and thus indicate to the users that they are affiliate links. Otherwise there could be legal problems.

If you include affiliate links, you should not allow any other advertisements through YouTube if possible. That only distracts from the affiliate links.


Earning money as an affiliate on YouTube is certainly not that easy. First you have to ensure coverage and attract enough subscribers.

But then affiliate marketing offers a good source of income, which can work very well with skillful use and good videos.

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