Which occupation has the longest life expectancy


Which occupation do you have the highest life expectancy?

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Which factors play a role for you or your employee?

If you decide on a new job or want to support people in the HR department in choosing a career, the quality of work and life can play a decisive role. Professions even have a considerable influence on life expectancy! Basically, many factors play together. These factors include, for example, the level of education, professional position, working atmosphere and income. But also the environmental conditions and the place of residence are of decisive importance!

Choose your center of life carefully!

Statistically, you live in Bonn, for example, on average four and a half years longer than in Gelsenkirchen. This is what researchers at Bielefeld University have discovered. The reason is that Gelsenkirchen was heavily influenced by the coal and steel industry and the unemployment rate there is very high. In Bonn the quality of life is much higher and the unemployment rate is more than half lower.

What training do you need for a long life expectancy?

Basically, a good education has a positive effect on your life expectancy. This leads to better working conditions and a higher income. In turn, a higher income means that you can afford a better apartment in a better area. This will enable you to spend more money on better nutrition. This results in a healthier lifestyle for you.

With which profession or activity can you achieve a high life expectancy? Here we have summarized the professions for you:

For your career choice - the jobs with the highest life expectancy

1st place: physicists
2nd place: doctor
3rd place: mechanical engineer
4th place: chemist
5th place: Manufacturing engineer, production manager
6th place: Legal department, lawyer
7th place: vet
8th place: electrical engineer
9th place: mining engineer, foundry engineer
10th place: Association manager


Your job, education and training have a decisive influence on your life expectancy. Statistically speaking, if you are more highly educated and do a corresponding job, you can expect a higher life expectancy.

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