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Application internship: templates, examples, tips + structure

You need the application for an internship for a compulsory internship as a student, during your studies or for an internship as a career start. Practical experience is still very important to employers or is even required by graduates and newcomers. Getting hold of an internship is not easy, however. In this article we will show you how to write an internship application, how it is structured and optimized. There are many tips, free templates with sample texts and examples ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Internship application: structure & scope

The application for an internship is initially structured in the same way as any other application. The typical structure includes the following documents - in this order:

1. Cover letter
2nd cover sheet (optional)
3. Tabular curriculum vitae
4. Attachments (certificates, certificates)

This corresponds to the structure a "complete application folder" (see graphic).

Important rules

Also pay attention to the important formalities and rules for applying for an internship:

  • Cover letter a maximum of one A4 page.
  • Your contact details left-justified in the top left of the page.
  • Address and contact details of the employer below.
  • Place and current date one line below right-justified.
  • Use a legible font.
  • Clear structure with several paragraphs.
  • Appendix list at the end of the letter.

Download: 2 free cover letters

To make it easier for you to apply for an internship, you can download our free templates and examples with sample text (Word) and use them privately. To do this, simply click on the respective preview image.

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Online editor: write application for internship

You can write your application for an internship right here in the browser. To do this, click in the box and online editor. You can then rephrase the sample letter.

Max pattern
Matheweg 42
31415 Neustadt
Phone: 01234-567890
Mail: [email protected]

Employer GmbH
Mr. Peter HR
Firmastr. 1
31415 Neustadt

Neustadt, DD.MM.YYYY

application for an internship
Dear HR Manager,

Numbers are my world and so it was immediately clear to me that I would make accounting the focus of my business studies. So far I have had the opportunity to try out and expand my knowledge in the accounting department of my parents' company - now I would like to use an internship with you to leave the small company and get to know accounting in a large corporation.

It is no coincidence that I am applying to you: your reputation as an employer and the outstanding work of your finance department is well known. Accordingly, I would like to be able to develop my skills in your company. You are also planning to switch to the new FinanceTech accounting software for the intended period of my internship, which I would like to see firsthand. If you are now wondering why you should choose me exactly: Because with me you will not only receive a particularly motivated, but also a committed and inquisitive intern.

I am currently studying business administration in the 5th semester at the Albert Einstein University in Neustadt. I will probably finish my studies on dd.mm.yyyy with an average grade of 1.7. I would like to use the lecture-free period from DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY for an internship with you.

I look forward to getting to know you in a conversation and personally convincing you of my motivation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

With best regards

- Curriculum vitae
- Testimonies
- certificates

Cover letter for the internship application

The most important thing is your motivation! When applying for an internship, the focus is not on your qualifications. Because you hardly have any practical experience as an intern, you cannot score with it either. HR managers don't expect that either. This makes your motivation for the job and your personality all the more important. Both are crucial. In the cover letter, it must therefore be clear why you are applying to this company (of all people), what you are hoping for and why you are particularly interested in this employer.

As soon as you have found a suitable internship, first write the cover letter for the internship application. You should tailor that individually to the position and the company each time. Bulky letters have little chance of success. The cover letter is structured according to this model:


The cover letter for the internship application begins with the personal data and the letterhead. This includes: your full name, address, telephone and email address. Possibly a link to your own homepage. This is followed by a space between the recipients: company name (with legal form!), Contact person, address. Finally, the date (model: DD.MM.YYYY, right-aligned) and the subject line. For example "Application as _____, code number _____" (never write "subject"!)


The salutation of the internship application should not read “Dear Sir or Madam”. Too impersonal. In many cases you will find a specific contact person in the relevant job advertisement. You should address your application for the internship to this name. If no name is given, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Call the company and ask for the contact person. Asking does not cost anything - except overcoming.


When applying for an internship, the first sentence can have a big impact. They can arouse the curiosity of the recruiter. Or lose their attention. Introductory sentences such as "I am applying as ..." or "I am very interested in ..." are considered obsolete. Boring! Use bold and varied phrasing. Example:

  • "When I saw your job advertisement for the internship as an office clerk, I knew straight away: It suits me perfectly!"
  • “Are you looking for an intern with a high level of initiative, who is capable of learning and is motivated? Then I am exactly the right candidate for you! "
  • "After our friendly conversation, I am even more convinced than before that I would like to do the internship as an office clerk with you."


If there is a job advertisement for the internship, you should address it and mention important key terms in the application. Professionals differentiate between mandatory and optional requirements. If the job advertisement explicitly mentions that the intern has a “driver's license” or “fluent English”, you should bring this with you and provide evidence. If, on the other hand, there are soft formulations in the job offer such as "would be desirable" or "ideally you bring with you ...", these are optional requirements. Your chances increase the more you mention it. The absence is not a knockout criterion.

Which also brings plus points when applying for an internship, are commitment and honorary positions. So be sure to mention it if you ...

  • have completed similar internships.
  • get involved in a student initiative.
  • participate in or organize specialist events.
  • were able to acquire suitable skills in the club.
  • have exceptional language skills.

But do not list all of the knowledge. Only what is relevant for the internship is included in the application. As you formulate it, make sure that the cover letter answers four key questions:

Final part

You should finish the application confidently. Avoid subjunctive formulations such as "I would be happy about an interview" or "I would be grateful for an invitation to a job interview". That sounds insecure. Closing sentences in which you - subtly - ask the HR manager to invite you to an interview are better:

  • "Have I piqued your interest? Then I look forward to a personal conversation. "
  • "I look forward to your positive feedback with great pleasure."
  • "If you have any questions, I am available by phone or email."

Attachments / certificates

Which certificates belong in the internship application depends on the company and the respective internship: Schoolchildren and students usually add the latest school certificate and existing internship certificates. For graduates, the certificate of the university degree is added.

What to do if professional experience is required?

Those who apply for an internship are usually at the beginning of their career. Relevant work experience is missing. The confusion is particularly great if the job advertisement for an internship still expects professional experience. Something happens here that young professionals have to grapple with again and again: the permission paradox. What to do? Either you ignore it and apply anyway. Or you may be puzzled: is the employer looking for interns as cheap labor? You shouldn't get involved in the latter.

CV for the internship application

The tabular curriculum vitae is the central element of every application. It indicates that you are suitable for the position. Usually. At the beginning of working life and with interns, however, it is usually still quite thin. Don't worry: When applying for an internship, this is not an obstacle if the résumé only fills half a page.

Nevertheless, your career should be based on the classic structure - whereby the "professional experience" part is short or omitted entirely:

Sample: Structure of a curriculum vitae for an internship

  • Title: "Curriculum Vitae" or "Curriculum Vitae Max Mustermann"
  • Personal Information: First name, last name, birthday and place of birth, full address, telephone number, email address, (application photo)
  • Professional background: Profession, jobs, experiences, positions
  • Training: School, apprenticeship, degree, highest degree, grade, semester abroad, internship
  • Special Knowledge: Further training, certificates, foreign languages, IT skills, driver's license, awards, etc.
  • Interests and hobbies: Private engagement, honorary positions, own projects, relevant hobbies
  • Place, date, signature: Always current date, handwritten with pen

Mandatory and voluntary information

You may not omit some content in the résumé of an internship application. These are part of the so-called "mandatory information" and must ALWAYS be mentioned when applying for an internship:

Mandatory information

Voluntary information

In the case of a student internship, you can indicate your favorite subjects. This will give you a complete picture of your interests and personality.

Special case: application for a student internship

The application for a student internship is often organized by the school and accompanied by a teacher. The class teacher often visits the interns at the company. Some companies therefore treat applications from student interns differently and less bureaucratically. A brief application is often sufficient. It only consists of a cover letter and curriculum vitae.

Since a student internship often has vitamin B and private contacts are assigned, the application phase is usually shorter. If you want to do a student internship, it is best to ask the employer of your choice about vacancies. An unsolicited application can lead to an internship. In the case of a student internship, however, it makes more sense to ask by phone first whether the company offers such positions.

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