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Social Selling B2B - with efficient network building to new prospects

This is how social selling on LinkedIn and Xing becomes a success

Are you looking for a modern way of efficiently generating new leads and qualifying existing prospects in your sales funnel? Then you should definitely take a closer look at social selling B2B. The social networks LinkedIn and Xing offer you numerous opportunities to get in touch with potential customers and present them with high-quality content about your products, solutions and services.

Social Selling B2B

What is Social Selling B2B?

What are the advantages of social selling B2B?

Is social selling a tool for generating leads in sales?

The right strategy for your success in social selling

Social selling in B2B sales - well implemented is half the battle

Social Selling with LinkedIn

How does social selling work?

Push social selling with paid advertising campaigns

Social Selling with a Social Selling Agency

Social Selling B2B with "alivello"

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What is social selling?

At the Social Selling B2B it is about identifying and contacting new customers and prospects for one's own company in a targeted manner via the social business networks LinkedIn and Xing. This form of “cold acquisition” takes place in several steps. Your marketing department or the social selling agent present valuable information on the products, solutions and services of your company on the business account. At the same time, your employees also become active. They present themselves on their LinkedIn and Xing profiles as specialists in their respective fields and thus build their own personal brands.

In this context it is about Social Selling B2B not so much about making contacts directly aware of the products, solutions and services of your own company. Rather, it is important to position yourself as an expert in your own field. To do this, one should identify with the situation of potential new customers and support them as a "service partner" in their challenges. The active sales process of your own products, solutions and services does not begin until much later. This is where it differs Social Selling B2B from cold calling by telephone.

What are the advantages of social selling B2B?

At the Social Selling B2B draw the attention of employees of marketing and sales departments or specially hired social selling agents to your products, solutions and services via LinkedIn and Xing.

Social selling brings numerous benefits for your company advantages with himself:

Social selling reduces research time

When it comes to finding potential new customers for your products, solutions and services, B2B social selling reduces your research time. You will quickly find the contact details of relevant decision-makers in the social business networks LinkedIn and Xing. A good network will also help you to quickly establish contact with relevant people in your target group.

Social media visibility makes a good impression on buyers

Before companies nowadays decide on a product, solution or service, they pre-qualify the relevant providers via their websites and social media platforms. Only after halfway through this research and preselection do they actively approach the sales staff of the companies that are still in the running. If you are actively involved in social selling yourself, the buying companies will already have you positively in the back of their minds at this point, as you are always present on LinkedIn and Xing. This will most likely positively influence the purchase decision of your prospects in your favor.

Social selling sets personal touchpoints

Social Selling B2B enables you to regularly remind yourself of your network with high-quality content and to set personal touchpoints in a targeted manner. This is not possible in this form via cold calling by telephone and pure social media marketing.

Calls-to-action encourage direct exchange

If you publish content on LinkedIn and Xing, you can use a call-to-action (CTA) to offer your warmed-up prospects and followers to enter into a direct exchange with you. With a tool like Calendly, you enable your followers to book an appointment with you in seconds.

Social selling as a preliminary stage for telesales

If you have already "warmed up" prospects via the social business networks, it will be much easier for them to gain further qualifications in telephone lead generation than completely cold contacts. In a telephone conversation, for example, it always makes a good impression to the assistant of a board member that you are already connected to the board member via the social business networks.

Is social selling a tool for generating leads in sales?

Cold calling, email marketing and regularly recorded company blogs are all powerful tools for generating leads in sales. But also on sales support through the Social selling should business Under no circumstances do without leads when generating leadswhen it comes to gaining new prospects for your own products, solutions and services. If you use social selling in B2B skillfully, your company's lead quota will increase significantly over time. The reasons for this are diverse.

  1. Most business leaders and decision makers are active on business social media.
  2. LinkedIn and Xing enable you to engage in active social listening. Just follow the hashtags that are relevant to your target audience. In this way, you can always get an idea of ​​what topics your potential customers and prospects are concerned with. This knowledge will enable you to create content for the business social networks that will appeal to your target audience.
  3. You can publish updates about your company at regular intervals via LinkedIn and Xing and make them available to your target group via hashtags. By posting high-quality content on LinkedIn and Xing that is relevant to your potential customers, you increase your visibility. Without incurring additional expenses for you, new customers will also notice your company that you have not even had on your screen before. As soon as they need your products, solutions and services, they will contact you of their own accord.

Thanks to the comment function, you can also discuss contributions with your interested parties at any time and offer them your help. In this way, you can draw the attention of potential customers to yourself with little effort, do not appear intrusive and remain positively remembered. Tools like the LinkedIn Sales Navigator also make it easier for you to keep an eye on the latest contributions from your desired customers and to react to them promptly.

The right strategy for your success in social selling

in the Social Selling B2B it is not enough just to push content and "network" every now and then! You will only gain new contacts and interested parties if you approach social selling strategically and integrate it as an integral part of your marketing and sales processes. Social selling isn't a sprint, it's a marathon.

In order to position yourself optimally in relation to your network in the course of social selling, it is important to carefully prepare your activities on social business networks. You should proceed as follows:

Appoint a Social Selling Agent!

This employee should be trained in B2B social selling. His job will be to further expand your LinkedIn and Xing networks.

Identify a content creator!

Your content creator should not only be able to create high-quality editorial articles, but should also be well versed in your industry.

Define your target group!

Your target group should include those companies that you can assume will be interested in your products, solutions and services. For example, you could address decision-makers and influencers from certain areas of the company. The industries and professional groups relevant to you can be easily identified on LinkedIn and Xing using hashtags or the Sales Navigator.

Develop a holistic content strategy!

Plan several content routes for your company profile with thematically matching video, audio and text contributions as well as infographics. In addition, your employees should post on their private profiles on topics with which they are very familiar.

Comment on as many posts as possible and network!

Start conversations with your prospects by commenting on their posts. If you have exchanged one or more times, you should not hesitate to network with the new contacts.

Social Selling B2B - well implemented is half the battle

The two business platforms LinkedIn and Xing not only simplify recruiting for your company. In lead generation, too, the platforms offer you numerous opportunities to find new customers and prospects. Due to their high number of users, the potential of both platforms is huge.

  • LinkedIn currently has around 14 million users in the DACH region (Statista, as of July 2020).
  • XING has a user base of 15.5 million users (XING, as of September 2020).

Social Selling with LinkedIn

Due to its high reach in the B2B area, the business network LinkedIn offers you numerous opportunities to draw the attention of new customers and interested parties to your products, solutions and services. It is essential to keep the following points in mind when selling social media on LinkedIn:

Optimize your LinkedIn profiles!

Your LinkedIn profiles are your figureheads on social media. Just like on the company profile, you should therefore do everything possible on your private profile in order to leave a good impression on your profile visitors. Find out here why this is so important for the success of your social selling and what to consider.

Spread high quality content and network!

In order to attract new customers, you should regularly publish new, high-quality posts that are relevant to your target group as part of your social selling. Videos are just as suitable for this as blog posts, slideshows and infographics. Discuss and network with your contacts in the comments below your posts.

Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for social selling!

Using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you will quickly identify the target groups, companies and interesting people that are relevant to you. Just add them to the list of contacts with whom you would like to expand your network in the future. From this point on, LinkedIn will always inform you anonymously about the content of your desired contacts on the social network. In this way you can react directly to their contributions. You will thus succeed in setting up the network much faster and more effectively.

Create LinkedIn Ads!

The advertising options on LinkedIn are another way of reaching your own target group in an even more targeted manner. Since you can perfectly target LinkedIn Ads to your potential prospects, you usually benefit from high conversion rates for the ads.

The customer journey is not a one-way street

How does social selling work?

In order to implement your social selling in the best possible way, you should implement your social selling strategy in three parallel steps:

Network expansion through targeted addressing

Address the target groups of potential new customers that you have previously defined for your company via LinkedIn and Xing. By connecting with the decision-makers who are important to you, you will gradually expand your network. To save valuable time in this process, you should use professional tools such as ...

  • the LinkedIn Sales Navigator,
  • XING pro Business or
  • Echobot Target & Connect.

The new contacts that you get in this way are extremely valuable for your entire sales department. It is therefore advisable to include them in your Tele Account Management.

Convince with high-quality video, image and text contributions

In order to push the expansion of your network and to inform your existing contacts about your products, solutions and services, you should continuously provide them with high-quality content. For example, this could be blog and news posts from your website, video and podcast episodes, or LinkedIn slideshows. At the end of your posts or comments, use a call-to-action (CTA) to instruct your readers on how to get in touch with you. You should also offer your contacts the opportunity to book a non-binding appointment with you.

The better and more valuable the posts on business social networks are for your target audience, the faster your network will interact with you.

Targeted monitoring of your success

Both the social business networks and website tracking tools can be used to track exactly how successful you are with your social selling. For example, if a contact who is relevant to you comments on your posts or reaches one of your landing pages via a post, you should either include them in your digital sales processes or qualify them further in the context of telephone lead generation in a personal conversation.

Push social selling with paid advertising campaigns

While you network with your prospects and present them the high-quality content about your products, solutions and services, it is also worthwhile to place paid advertising on social business networks. In this way, you can leave a lasting impression on your potential new customers more quickly.

Using the advertisements from LinkedIn Ads or Xing Sponsored Posts, contacts from your company profiles can be easily forwarded to the landing pages of your website. There you can enable your prospective customers, for example, to register for your newsletter or to register for an online event. By analyzing the behavior of landing page visitors using website tracking tools, you can assign different priorities to your prospects in the next step. With this as a basis, you should decide who to contact first and last in the subsequent telephone lead generation.

Social Selling with a Social Selling Agency

Social selling is a marathon. It can take a long time for your company to be visible to new potential customers on business social networks. Social selling time can be difficult to find, especially if you have a lot to do in your day-to-day work. It is therefore definitely worthwhile to transfer this task to a professional social selling agency.

A professional social selling agency supports you reliably in all phases of social selling. Together with the agency, you first develop a well-founded strategy for social selling for your company. The agency's social selling agents then implement this strategy on behalf of your company. The Social Selling Agents pass on the new prospects they win for your company in a detailed report.

Social Selling B2B with "alivello"

From strategy development to monitoring - we at the B2B sales agency "alivello" accompany you in all phases of your social selling.

  • Together with you, we identify the target group for your company's social selling and create the buyer personas that are relevant to you.
  • We develop a content strategy for your company.
  • We create exciting content for you and coordinate it with the interests of your target group.
  • We monitor your target group and the decision-makers relevant to you on the social business networks LinkedIn and Xing.
  • We build a network of relevant decision-makers for you through active social selling.
  • We interact with your target group.
  • We will post personal contributions on business social networks on your behalf.
  • We generate interested parties for your products, solutions and services and develop them further for you in the telephone lead generation.

How can we also support your sales activities?

In a first phone call, let's talk about your options for increasing sales and evaluate how exactly we can support you.

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