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How to find the best online casino for gambling in Germany

There are a number of factors that customers need to consider when choosing a top online bookmaker. Bonuses, free bets, and concessions should be paramount in the minds of customers and they vary significantly depending on the bookmaker. Acquiring bonuses can give a hefty boost to customers' profits, especially if they are first-time betting people. If this is your first time betting, you should check out websites like Inquiry or The Betting Friends.

Bookmakers compete with their competitors to give potential new customers a reason to choose their business over another so that they have plenty of choice before deciding to sign up.

Competitive odds and payment options

Most bookmakers are expanding the number of payment methods they offer their customers - but there are big differences between them. The big European companies have debit / credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers, checks and much more.

Customers in some countries that have restrictions may be restricted to using only electronic wallets (which ensures a certain level of anonymity) and that will determine which bookmakers they can use.

Also, does the sports betting website have payment security certificates on their websites such as Skrill, Trustly, MasterCard or Verified by Visa? And do you use a secure and encrypted https domain?

Of course, odds competitiveness is vital when choosing a bookmaker. Customers want to find the best possible value in their selection.

Therefore, it is important to have an account with a bookmaker that works with small margins. More importantly, however, the bookmaker must be willing to place a decent bet at the advertised odds.

There are some bookmakers out there that offer fantastic odds, but when customers try to place a bet on these odds they may not be able to get the advertised rate. Make sure the bookmaker you choose doesn't do this by placing a small bet first.

Which sports do the bookmakers cover?

Betting on soccer is by far the most popular sport to bet on and most bookmakers have an extensive betting section for the beautiful game - including live betting. However, many bookmakers have a passion (and experience) for other sports, and a person's preferences for a particular sport can determine which bookmaker is best for their needs.

For example, Northern European companies tend to offer odds for handball, ice hockey and basketball as these sports are popular in the region and the bookmakers who compile the odds have enough confidence in their knowledge to compete against the suitors.

The major UK sites offer betting on horse and dog races, but a large number of their European counterparts do not (Horse racing markets require significant resources and constant attention as the odds are constantly changing).

The location also plays a role within each individual sport. For example, a Chinese bookmaker is likely to have more extensive knowledge of Chinese football than a bookmaker operating out of the Caribbean. Therefore, the suitability of a bookmaker may depend on its location and the location of the player. ...