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Moving from the city to the country: This is what city dwellers should bear in mind

Moving from the city to the countryside: these are the advantages

No question about it, city life has a lot to offer, but residents often struggle with problems finding a parking space or the housing market. Country life seems much more attractive, doesn't it? These advantages speak at least for it:

• The Rental costs and property prices are generally lower in the country than in the city. For example, a certain amount may be enough for a small apartment in a prime city location, while in the country you can get a small house with a garden.
• The nature is right on the doorstep. If you are looking for an open field for jogging or if you want to discover the forest with your children, you usually do not have to drive far.
• Free running Cats are not as threatened by road traffic in rural areas. The free range for dogs is also usually larger. And farm animals such as chickens and goats are easier to keep in the country than in the city.
• Overall, things are quieter. Instead of being woken up by the noise of the big city, the rooster crows in the village at the morning hour.
• In rural areas you can Food easier to buy directly from the producer. After all, the way to the next farm shop should be closer. Depending on the situation, you can even grow your own fruits and vegetables in larger quantities in your garden.

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Disadvantages of country life

Have you been won over by the advantages of country life? Before you spontaneously plan your move, you should think about the possible disadvantages that country life has. These points should be considered:

Limited infrastructure

The infrastructure in rural regions is usually worse than in the city. This applies to different areas:

• The farm shop is close by, but you still have to go to the shop Accept restrictions. You will probably have to go by car or bus to the nearest supermarket or discount store. In addition, the selection of supermarkets, boutiques and co. Is smaller than in metropolises.
• Fast Internet is not yet available nationwide in Germany. In many places, especially in rural areas, it is not easy to stream videos or films online without any problems. This can also have an impact on working from the home office.
• Families in particular often move from the city to the countryside. The following applies: Not every village has a kindergarten, childcare provider or school. The Approach routes can be accordingly far.
• The same applies to medical care in rural areas, which is usually also worse. An aspect that the chronically ill and the elderly in particular should pay attention to.
• The cultural offer is less in the country. Those who like to visit the opera, concerts or museums have to accept excursions to the nearest city.
• Since many workplaces are located in urban areas, commutes to work are often longer. That not only costs money for fuel or the monthly train ticket, it also costs nerves and valuable free time. You should be aware that as a commuter you may spend several hours a day in traffic jams or on full regional trains.

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Moving to the countryside: compare the pros and cons

Those who move to the country can look forward to many advantages. Before you pack the moving boxes, however, you should carefully question your needs and preferences. Then you will definitely be happy in your new home.