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General data

The nominal value is the stamped value of a coin. It usually consists of a number and the currency as a unit. If there is no denomination, it is usually a medal. Exceptions are coins where the weight determines the value (e.g. thalers):100 colones
The type of a coin indicates the reason for its minting. Usually, coins are minted for the population as a means of payment (so-called circulation coins) or for special occasions (commemorative coins):Circulation coin
Obverse The obverse is the main face of a coin. Depending on the reason for the coinage, the nominal can be on the obverse. In the case of circulation coins, the face value is on the obverse. In the case of commemorative coins, the subject of whose thought is on the obverse:The obverse shows the nominal "100 COLONES" as a number and in Braille over branches and the abbreviation "B.C.C.R".
The lapel is the less important side of a coin. Usually the national coat of arms is on the lapel:On the lapel is the national coat of arms of Costa Rica, surrounded by the country name "REPUBLICA DE COSTA RICA" and the year between two dots.
The edge of a coin can also contain a motif. Patterns or inscriptions are common:The edge shows alternating four smooth and four corrugated segments.
Most of the time, coins are round. But there are also coins that are square or have a wave cut:Round
In addition to its strength, the diameter of a coin is one of the properties that describe the spatial dimensions of the coin:Target: 29.50 mm Actual: - / - / - (min / avg / max)
The weight of a coin used to be a characteristic of the value of a coin and its purchasing power. Today it is more used in circulation coins to distinguish them from other coins:Target: 9.00 g Actual: - / - / - (min / avg / max)
Stamp rotation The stamp rotation describes the rotation of the lapel to the obverse and is given in degrees:Target: 180.00 ° Actual: - / - / - (min / avg / max)
The nominal value is defined as the number of the nominal converted into the base currency. The face value of a 10 pfennig piece is therefore 0.1:100 CRC Costa Rica Colon = 0.13 EUR
Special features can be, for example, filigree differences between this coin and coins with apparently the same motif:not magnetizable, edge partly corrugated, partly smooth

Catalog numbers

World coin catalog 20th century (edition 33):90/2
World coin catalog 20th century (edition 38):92a1
World coin catalog 20th century (edition 43):92a1 + 2


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