Is Stephen Amell really dead in Arrow?

Bad news for "Arrow" fans: That's why Stephen Amell no longer wants to play in the Arrowverse

What a farewell: After seven complete and one shortened eighth season of “Arrow” Stephen Amell resigned as Oliver Queen alias Arrow in January 2020 and quickly saved the multiverse.

The so-called Arrowverse, the common narrative universe of the DC series on the US broadcaster The CW, began with this role in 2012, but it continues after the end of “Arrow” and Amell's farewell.

However, we should probably no further appearances by Amell in future episodes of Arrowverse series such as "The Flash", "Supergirl" and "Batwoman" or the planned spin-off "Green Arrow And The Canaries" (in which Oliver's adult daughter the hero name accept) expect. Amell made this clear in a now no longer available livestream on Instagram (via Entertainment Weekly).

Warning, spoilers for the finale of "Arrow" will follow!

But that is not because his character Oliver is dead and, together with her great love Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), leads a hopefully happy "life" in the Arrowverse afterlife. Rather, Amell explained to his fans: “I'm through with it. It was good. It's been a good eighth years, but it was time I finished. "

And it seems that the Arrow actor really has finished with this phase of his life. As he went on to explain, it was very strange for him to watch The CW now. “It was weird to see trailers for 'Supergirl' and 'Flash' and 'Batwoman' again. It feels like another life to me. I don't think I'll do this again.

Hope dies last

The death of a character alone is not a big obstacle in the Arrowverse, as the many, many actually dead returnees in the final season, but also in previous seasons have proven. There are enough possibilities thanks to magic, parallel worlds and powerful cosmic beings.

“We have alternative realities, we have time travel, we have retrospectives,” said Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim right after the broadcast of the “Arrow” final. But it looks like the Arrowverse makers really have to do a little persuasion if they want to get Amell to return or at least to make a guest appearance.

On the other hand, Amell played the character for eight years - and if he has gained some distance in a few months or years, he may see things differently. Arrowverse fans shouldn't give up hope entirely yet ...

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