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Effective corporate learning? 4 obstacles

First of all, the question arises as to what actually stands behind the term “corporate learning”. In fact, it is difficult to come up with a precise definition of the broad term. In general, however, all company activities are meant that convey the vision of learning in everyday company life. Corporate learning thus goes beyond training and deals with the entire knowledge transfer process of the company, ie the “corporate learning culture”, in order to both generate greater efficiency and gain comparative advantages1.

Try the following four obstacles2 to recognize and avoid at an early stage for effective corporate learning. Then nothing stands in the way of your successful e-learning platform.


1. Security

In some cases, some users of remote training courses (or employees who are locally distant) still receive learning materials by post. This can go wrong in the sense that material can be lost or fall into unauthorized hands. Of course, things can go wrong with distribution via email, but the overall risk is lower.

2. Problem area of ​​the learning management system

Regardless of whether it is an implementation of a learning management system (LMS), content management system (CMS) or an internal company intranet, integration in the company can often cause difficulties at the beginning. You should therefore plan enough time so that both you and your users can familiarize themselves with the system.

3. Different learning methods

The different generation groups such as Baby Boomers, Generation X or Millennials (also called Generation Y) have different preferences when it comes to acquiring knowledge. So make sure to adapt your corporate learning methods to the respective target group. Since there is currently a change of generations (towards the millennials), you should read this article to find out how e-learning can and should be made most attractive for this age group.

4. No use of learning analytics

What is the point of an excellent corporate learning concept in your company if successes (or failures) are not properly analyzed? Learning Analytics can help you solve this problem (more on this in this article), which will definitely help to increase the value of your Learning & Development (L&D) department. This is because concrete data on the success of the online training courses are easy to measure and help to identify potential problems within the learning modules and to resolve them at an early stage.

As soon as you are aware of these potential problems that can arise in corporate learning, the first step towards solving them has already been taken. What problems did you have in your company and how did you cope with them? Feel free to leave us a comment!

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