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Large-caliber sport pistols for beginners: what is important?

The all-metal pistol Stock III Xtreme in 9 x 19 mm, developed according to the construction principle of the Czech CZ 75, is one of the pistols from the manufacturer Tanfoglio specially created for sports purposes.

With the colleagues at VISIER, a large-caliber sport pistol receives the maximum score of 50 points if the best hit pattern in the test is no larger than three times the caliber diameter, i.e. 27 mm for a 9 mm Luger. This record applies both to 5-shot hit patterns with a propped up weapon and to 5-shot groups from the ransom-residue shooting machine.

With a thick .45 you can also scratch one or the other ring, which would remain untouched on the target with a smaller caliber, with exactly the same intrinsic precision of the pistol. In practice, at least from the shooting machine, the intrinsic precision can be roughly divided into 5 mm steps: A top value below 30 mm would be good, below 25 mm very good, below 20 mm excellent. 10-shot hit patterns under 15 mm are the exception, even for luxury models.

The range of weapon-specific self-precision around 35 to 50 mm is already covered by some of the higher quality utility and service pistols, for a thoroughbred sporting weapon this might be a bit disappointing as a top performance.

Apart from the mechanical precision potential, the particular performance of the shooter must of course be supported. In addition to training and high-quality ammunition, this includes above all equipment features such as a individually fitting handle, a high-contrast sight and a clean trigger.