Why can't my husband cum inside me

Big problem: He can't come inside of me! HELP!

... I'm probably not alone with the problem ... * happy *
Hello sad guck!

Thank you for your detailed reply! I am relieved that I am not alone with this problem and it is good to hear that you made it.

Regarding 1): We have talked long, often and in detail about whether and when we want a child. The desire is definitely there for both of us. So it shouldn't be that ...
Regarding 2): When it comes to sex shops, porn, etc. I am absolutely open and also have my "toy box". When we feel like it, we include things like that. However, I hold back a little because I don't want to overwhelm / surprise him. But the idea that he gets to choose something is not bad. Should I go through with it consistently (mostly he's too fixated that I'm having fun).
to 3): I try to avoid talking about the child issue. Often, however, it also starts with that and then I think it's OK if you dream a little together ...
to 4): Good tip! I'll try it out tonight!
To 5): It is often even more difficult for him to come to terms with each other when we have dealt extensively and for a long time, because he is then totally "overstimulated" (as he calls it). It is very difficult to find the right balance.

In spite of everything, I am in good spirits that we will make it one day! Because we love each other so terribly that we will even get married in March!

I like it