Are all passports a standard size?

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The photo must be 35 mm wide and 45 mm high. The head must occupy about 2/3 of the picture, the eye relief must be at least 8 mm. The photo is allowed not older than six months and the person must be clearly identifiable. With the exception of ID cards, the photo must be in color.

Only smooth and glossy paper with no surface structure may be used for the image. It must not have any damage, contamination or an unnatural color (including red eyes).
The face must be evenly illuminated and in all areas sharp, rich in contrast and clear. Shadow formation on the face and reflections are to be avoided. The eyes of those who wear glasses must be clearly recognizable.

The background must be one color (light, ideally gray), have no pattern and sufficient contrast to the face and hair. The photo may only show the person to be photographed.

The photo must show the person with a neutral facial expression, uncovered eyes, the most natural reproduction of skin tones and closed mouth in a frontal view. A representation with an inclined or rotated head is not permitted. Wearing headgear for religious reasons is permitted. Deviations from this are only permitted insofar as the level of development of the person or physical conditions do not allow otherwise.

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