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These 'reforms' encourage penetration by foreign media products and capital, concentrate control of the media in the hands of elite entrepreneurs, and typically weaken publicbroadcasting services.
Likewise, middle- and senior-grade staff of the publicbroadcasting company were required to retire at the age of 60 years under the terms of a thorough reorganization.
Based on the constitutional amendments of 1970, the publicbroadcasting corporation was divided into two administrative boards in 1971, which would follow different policies from then onwards.
He spoke about the death of publicbroadcasting and tried to redefine public service broadcasting as public interest broadcasting.
But the conditions during the experiment will not be the same as those that would obtain if permanent publicbroadcasting were to take place.
The existing audience will make choices which will inevitably take viewers from the publicbroadcasting and commercial sectors.
Let us give the public a chance to take part in the experiment, which is a publicbroadcasting experiment.
Surely, it is the social purpose of publicbroadcasting that needs to be justified, not its profitability.