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About Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was born on January 17th, 1964 in Chicago, USA. Her full name is Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. Her parents were both employed. The father Fraser Robinson was a machinist and died in 1991. The mother Marian worked as a secretary.

Michelle Obama attended Whitney Young Magnet High School until 1981. She enrolled at Princeton University and majored in sociology and African American studies. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985. But Michelle Obama continued studying and moved to Harvard University. She finished her law degree in 1988 as a Juris Doctor. She ended her professional career in mid-2007 to support her husband Barack Obama in his campaign to run for President of the United States of America.

Michelle Obama's professional history

Michelle Obama graduated as a lawyer in 1988. She got a job with a Chicago law firm specializing in property law and marketing. Subsequently, she was an advisor to the Mayor of Chicago and an assistant agent for planning and urban development for the City of Chicago. During this time she was also the Executive Director of "Public Allies" (1993).

Michelle Obama quit her job with the City of Chicago in 1996 to move to the University of Chicago. There she was responsible for the development of the “University Community Service Center”. She rose in the hierarchy and first became Executive Director and some time later Vice President for “Community and External affairs”. During this time Michelle Obama was also on the board of directors of TreeHouse Foods Inc.

After her husband Barack Obama decided to run for president, Michelle Obama quit her job. She supported her husband in his obligations and took on duties as First Lady of America.

Features of Michelle Obama

After Michelle Obama graduated from law school, she worked in a law firm. There she met her future husband Barack Obama, who was doing an internship there.

Michelle Obama is considered very influential because she works closely with her husband. She has also made a name for herself as a style icon in the USA. Your clothing style is happy to be commented on and imitated.

Vogue regularly publishes reports on the former First Ladies. In March 2009, the report on Michelle Obama appeared. She was also featured on the cover of the magazine.

Michelle Obama starred in the series iCarly. Her role in the episode "Visiting the First Lady": Michelle Obama.

On November 13, 2018 Michelle Obama published her autobiography under the title “Becoming”, which appeared with a worldwide initial circulation of three million copies and translations in 31 languages.

Michelle Obama's greatest achievements

Michelle Obama was a very successful attorney before she gave up her professional career to help her husband in his role as President of the United States of America.

Because of her influence on her husband, she was voted one of the top ten most influential Harvard graduates in late 2008.