What comes after a million billion trillion


By 1955, the Volkswagen company had produced a million of these cars: the "VW Beetle". To celebrate that, they gilded you.

A million is a word for a number. A single million is a 1 followed by six zeros: 1,000,000. Three million and five hundred thousand are written: 3,500,000. The word million is abbreviated to “million”. A thousand million is a billion.

The Greek word “mega” is used for a million times the unit of measurement. It is abbreviated to "M". MB is the abbreviation of megabytes and means "million bytes". The millionth part is called "micro" and is abbreviated with the Greek letter "μ", which means "mü". A micrometer is a millionth of a meter and is written as “μm”.

Today's word million comes from Italian. In Italian, “mille” means a thousand. If you add a "-ione" to Italian words, you mean that something is bigger. So a million is a greater thousand. The word appeared in the German language as early as 1530.

Thanks to the million you can also express very high numbers. In Luxembourg, for example, there are more than half a million people. It is about 150 million kilometers from the earth to the sun. A million seconds lasts the equivalent of eleven days. Sometimes you also say “million” when you just want to say “a lot”.

Is a Million the Biggest Number?

A million is a very large number, but there are also much larger ones. Therefore there are also other words for larger numbers: 1000 million is called one billion. 1000 billion is then called a trillion (that's already a million times a million). 1000 trillion is then a quadrillion and 1000 quadrillion is a trillion. Then comes the trillion and more and more new words for even larger numbers. You can go on and on, but the bigger the numbers get, the less often you need them. In the work of astronomers, for example, such huge numbers often appear.

In the English language it is a little different. There are also the words "million“, „trillion" and "trillion", But the words that end with" ... arde "are missing. This can lead to confusion and translation errors: the English million means million in German, but trillion means billion, trillion is trillion and so on.