What was your first car 1

Do you still remember your first car?


Golf IV in bright blue. That was great

I find it fascinating, also in the RL, how many people have / get a car at the age of 18. That was not possible with us. I was almost 24 on my first car.

For many, I think it just has to do with where they live. It was just clear to us that when I was 18 my parents would buy a second small family car that would be used primarily by me and then by me and my sister. Life in the village and high school graduation or training was simply not feasible with the bus connection.

My sister and I were always a bit lucky that the first car in each case, which my mother in particular commutes in, was always replaced when we had to buy one ourselves later. We then took over Dadurcj one at a time - she at 23, I at 28 - which we could then shut down until it finally gave up the spirit. Before moving to England, I sold my GolfIV to the scrap dealer for € 50, who covered 276,528 km