How do I find a good CPA

CPA Global Germany

Small employer in the field of commercial legal protection with good earning potential

Employee or workerWas working in the sales department at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

International companies in the field of intellectual property with decent income opportunities. You can gain sufficient intercultural experience. Good people develop quite neatly depending on their location. HQ is in Jersey

I think it's bad about the employer

Bad mood is actually too common. There have been many changes in sales management; mostly only employed as an interim. In Munich there are actually no realistic opportunities for advancement. There is also a lot of radio transmission in the hallway. Can be annoying.

Suggestions for improvement

Employee participation in the form of shares also makes a true statement about the value of 'You Own The Company' and motivates employees.
Place more value on good products and services than on short-term profit

Working atmosphere

So during my time at the company there were a lot of changes. Especially in sales, the account managers give each other a hand. Few really have quality. There is a lot of pressure on the boiler!


No. 2 among service providers in the field of intellectual property. But it is not necessarily known for good quality but for high prices.

Work-life balance

Doesn't matter to the employer. 27 vacation days in DE. Therefore a slightly higher sick leave to compensate. Overtime is expected when necessary and is not paid for.

Career / further education

Mainly internal training. Generally only the salespeople are trained.

Salary / social benefits

So you have earned a lot in sales. The other departments average.

Environmental / social awareness

Once a football club was sponsored and some kind of organization for the needy was supported. Environment is not an issue.

Cohesion among colleagues

Always flawless. Of course, there are also a few special guys there, but they usually weren't there for long. Even in sales, there is actually no direct competition, but rather collegial cooperation on the agenda

Dealing with older colleagues

There are an average number. People are not rated according to age, but rather according to performance.

Managerial behavior

During my time at CPA, I had various supervisors in Europe. In general, it can be said that the superiors behaved properly. Personally, the British are best for me. The French tend to be very proud, the Germans often communicate a little too openly

working conditions

very spacious office. We'll be moving soon. This is also necessary because the office in Munich has shrunk from 35 to 20 employees.


Sometimes very weak. We would be happy to receive information before the weekend that a business unit in a region will be closed. Then nobody can complain anymore. Maybe in the hope that this will be forgotten again after the weekend.

equal rights

Was never actually an issue. The management and board always had women

Interesting tasks

No, the tasks are not really exciting. Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic of annual patent fees will understand what I'm talking about. Other services are not much more interesting and are usually rarely asked for. Software used to be strong, but has weakened in comparison. Perhaps the only subject that is more complex.