Which restaurant chains are closed on Sundays

Most of the restaurants and cafés are closed : Berliners behave in an exemplary manner

From the Friedrichstrasse station it looks across the water as if three people were sitting in the outdoor seats of the permanent representation - despite the ban. They are drinking coffee in the sun. So is the restaurant still open after all?

Once on the other side, the guests are suddenly gone. The cups are no longer there either. The door is locked. Nobody can be seen through the window. A note hangs on the window: “Due to the current situation, our opening times have changed.” There is no indication that the pub is closed due to the current situation. In the case of some restaurants, the Senate resolution seems to be only gradually being leaked.

This is also the case in Charlottenburg: In the morning, a customer informed the employees of a bakery on Kurfürstendamm about the new resolution. Until noon, guests could still have breakfast in the outdoor and indoor seats. Then the boss called at lunchtime: The staff is only allowed to sell the baked goods outside the home.

In front of a restaurant on Hohenzollerndamm in Wilmersdorf, guests can still be seen sitting outside in the sun and drinking their coffee or a beer. Two people are also sitting in front of the kebab shop next door.

Most of the restaurants and cafes in town, however, followed the Senate decision on Saturday afternoon and closed their shops on Sunday. It's very quiet on the streets. Every now and then a car rushes by, the empty tram rings or a jogger runs along the Spree. All around Friedrichstrasse there are notes in the shop windows that read: "Dear guests, unfortunately we cannot welcome you due to the order of the Senate regarding the coronavirus".

It feels like being in a ghost town: Despite the sunny but cold weather, almost no one is out and about. Also for a Sunday when in Berlin, especially in the Mitte district, it is otherwise much busier. There are still no exit restrictions in Berlin. It seems as if people now understand and are too afraid of a measure that would interfere so deeply with their freedom.

Instead: delivery or collection

Many restaurants switched to selling via collection or delivery before this Sunday. With the amended ordinance of the Senate on Saturday, other companies that would otherwise no longer make any sales followed the example.

Some cafés, such as “What do you Fancy Love?” In Charlottenburg, artfully piled up their remaining stocks including cakes, bagels, eggs, ginger, apples or oranges in front of the door and sold from there before they close indefinitely. Others continued to allow their customers to enter the store and order takeaway food and drinks. Still others offered their normal menu, but had the dishes picked up or delivered.

The franchise burger restaurant "Peter Pane" on Friedrichstrasse will only sell outside the home from Sunday. Orders can be placed at a small wooden counter that blocks the entrance, and food is also served here. Plastic displays explain how burger lovers can still enjoy them: Either by ordering in the online shop or directly on site. But nobody is there yet.

Police cautiously optimistic: Berliners understood the seriousness of the situation

The police were cautiously optimistic on Sunday that the Berliners understood the seriousness of the situation. On Sunday night, only 20 violations were found, compared to 26 the night before and 90 the night before. 29 "property-related" controls were carried out, for example in restaurants and snack bars, and 17 controls in the open air. Two nights earlier there were still 200 controls.

A spokeswoman said on request. The police are always on the move with the same number of personnel throughout the city. The lower number of controls does not mean that fewer controls were carried out, but that there were fewer reasons to intervene. On Sunday morning the police tweeted gratefully: “An unbelievable number of people in #Berlin have apparently recognized the seriousness of the situation. There are noticeably fewer people out and about in the city. Anyone who still needs to be addressed usually reacts understandingly - #Thank you! "

Many supermarkets and drug stores are also closed

Most supermarkets are also closed on Sunday. The Rewe branch in Potsdamer Platz Arkaden was no longer open on Sunday, and the dm drugstore was also closed. In the Edeka supermarket in Friedrichstrasse station, people could still shop. It wasn't full, however. The minimum clearances at the cash registers were sometimes not observed.

Very few people were around the Brandenburg Gate - most of them on foot or by bike and mostly alone or in pairs. Here, too, the adjacent cafes and restaurants are closed. A small queue only formed in front of a bakery.

Potsdamer Platz also looked deserted on Sunday afternoon. Occasionally pedestrians ran in the direction of the S-Bahn, a man took selfies in front of the remains of the Berlin Wall sprayed with graffiti. The S-Bahn wagons were almost completely empty, the buses mostly drove without passengers.

The whole capital: unfamiliar abandoned. Out of solidarity and consideration for the elderly and the weaker in society? That same evening, the Berlin Senate decided that these efforts were not enough.

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