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A police officer is on duty almost every day with mobile speed cameras. He sets up the speed camera and records everything in the measurement report. Nevertheless, he made mistakes, as an expert later discovered.

In the opinion of the DAV traffic lawyers, errors occur again and again with mobile speed cameras. Then the driver can be helped. Depending on how massive the violation is and how many points the driver has already collected in Flensburg, a driving ban may be imminent. On the other hand, innocent people can also be “flashed”. Legal help is then required.

The case shows what needs to be considered when setting up a mobile speed camera. The police officer did the following in detail:

  • Road inclination measured with an inclination spirit level and transferred to the device
  • Check the slope again at the end of the measurement
  • The photo line determined by a cone
  • The distance between the sensor head and the road is measured and noted
  • The width of the lane measured
  • Verification of official seals - five on the sensor and three on the camera.
  • Filling out the measurement report at the beginning of the measurement.

The driver was flashed at 171 km / h. After deducting the measurement tolerance of three percent, the result was a speed of 165 km / h, although only 100 km / h was allowed at this point.

An expert later checked 32 digital data sets. On some, the license plate could not be seen. For others, the vehicle was clearly moved forward in the photo evidence. The expert also found that the angle and perspective had been changed several times in the course of the measurement. However, this was not always noted in the measurement report.