What is your opinion on Amos Yee


This content was published on June 2nd, 2015 - 6:56 am (Keystone-SDA)

In the authoritarian city-state of Singapore, a teenager who was convicted of criticizing state founder Lee Kuan Yew is now in custody again. The 16-year-old uploaded a video of derogatory remarks about Lee and Jesus on the Internet.

Despite conviction for disseminating obscene material and insulting a religion, he uploaded the video again, as the prosecutor reported on Tuesday. In Singapore, guilty verdict and sentence are not given on the same day.

The judge wanted to announce the sentence on Tuesday, but then ordered custody. She wanted to decide in three weeks whether he should be sent to a youth institution for re-education. Human rights activists used the case as an opportunity to denounce Singapore's restrictions on freedom of expression.

Amos Yee uploaded the video shortly after Lee's death in March and was arrested after outraged reactions from fellow citizens. He was released on bail but showed no remorse.

"Taking the video off the net would be like candy for the Singapore government that I am not ready to give them," he wrote on Facebook when he uploaded the video again, according to the state-run newspaper "Straits Times".

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