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  • Data protection according to ESOMAR
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  • Withdrawal from 10 € via Paypal
  • Payout from € 5 as a voucher


  • no payment to the account

The survey portal LifePoints (formerly MySurvey) is one of the largest market research platforms in German-speaking countries and is therefore extremely popular.

Who is LifePoints?

The portal owes this popularity, among other things, to its serious character, which can mainly be traced back to the operator of the panel, because LifePoints is an opinion and market research panel of the Lightspeed company. Lightspeed has its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is internationally recognized as one of the leading service providers in the market research industry.

This importance is underlined by the fact that the company is currently active in around 70 countries with different panels and can therefore fall back on a pool of hundreds of thousands of active members. The results of various studies and surveys are also regularly published in well-known print media such as the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine.

Good online presence from LifePoints

LifePoints' online presence is friendly and inviting, and the tidy-looking user interface can be operated very intuitively, so that the long search for the desired functions is almost completely eliminated. After a basic user profile has been created in the course of the initial registration, it is necessary to design this profile in more detail with the help of additional profile surveys.

These surveys collect data from the categories of lifestyle, means of transport, finances and working life and are used to find individually suitable surveys for the respective user. If a new survey is available, active users will be invited by email. In contrast to other providers, however, it is also possible to access relevant surveys directly via the online panel.

Another special feature of LifePoints is the option that users can also create their own surveys, which all community members can answer. All functions can also be called up via the mobile app, which is available in the respective app store for both the iPhone and all common Android devices.

How do you get paid at LifePoints?

LifePoints rewards every successfully completed survey in the form of points, with each point corresponding to one euro cent. The payment for the surveys ranges from 50 cents to as much as 5 euros. As with most providers, the well-paid surveys are not only strictly limited in terms of the number of participants, they are also quite rare.

LifePoints payout limit

Nonetheless, the payout limit, which in this case is 10 euros, can be reached comparatively quickly, because around 10-15 survey invitations are waiting every month, provided that a corresponding user profile is available.

With an average duration of around 15 minutes, the workload per survey is also within acceptable limits, especially since it can be worked on comfortably while watching TV, for example. When the payout limit is finally reached, the points earned through surveys can be exchanged in the rewards shop.

There you have the opportunity to purchase consumer vouchers from well-known shops such as Amazon, Zalando and Mediamarkt, or to have the sum transferred to a specified bank account. Alternatively, the points earned can be donated to aid organizations such as UNICEF.


Users of the LifePoints panel can also be sure that the information they provide in the course of surveys is secure in any case, as Lightspeed attaches great importance to data protection.

In this regard, the company, which, like many other providers, also belongs to the data protection organization ESOMAR, emphasizes that personal data will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties and will only be used to process survey invitations and to pay out the rewards due.


LifePoints is one of the world's largest providers in the field of market and social research and presents itself as an extremely serious service provider, not least due to the know-how acquired over many years. Experience has shown that requested vouchers are provided within a few days, so that users do not have to wait too long for their reward. Cash payments also usually work smoothly at LifePoints.

Only in a few cases does the amount to be paid out do not reach the target account within one month. Should there still be problems, support, which many users consider exemplary, is available via various communication channels. The LifePoints market research panel can therefore be recommended with a clear conscience.


Is LifePoints reputable?

LifePoints is definitely a reputable provider. The panel attaches great importance to reliability and data protection.

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