What are the best non-vegetarian foods

Diet: These foods are not vegetarian

There are products that are considered vegetarian, but actually they are not at all: animal ingredients are hidden here.

Vegetarians do not want to eat animals and therefore use milk, cheese and other animal products. But animal components can also be found in many supposedly vegetarian foods. It is important to study the list of ingredients carefully. Vegetarians should avoid these products.


Some cheeses are not vegetarian. For example, Parmesan is made with rennet. Rennet is a mixture of enzymes obtained from the stomachs of young ruminants. It is used in cheese making to curdle the milk. The same goes for Pecorino, Gorgonzola and Grana Padano.

Gummy bears and Co.

Many gummy bears and other fruit gums contain gelatin, which is made up of various animal proteins such as the connective tissue of pigs and cattle. Gelatine can be found in a variety of products: yogurts, jellies, cakes, marshmallows, candies. It is best to read the ingredients carefully.

Sweets and jams with an intense red color

Some sweets, such as M & Ms, or berry jam from stores contain the coloring agent E120, also known as real carmine. It is responsible for the bright red color and is obtained from insects: Female, fertilized scale insects are dried and cooked for production.

Beer, wine and juices

Some manufacturers clarify fruit juices with gelatine, as this filters out the cloudy substances. There is no labeling requirement for this, as the gelatine in the end product can often no longer be detected. Gelatine can also be used to clarify wine, which is also popular: the swim bladder of the Hausen sturgeon.

You also have to be careful with imported beer. Manufacturers also use isinglass or gelatine for clarification. But beer lovers can breathe a sigh of relief: Thanks to the German Purity Law, all types of beer brewed here are completely vegetarian - they are only allowed to consist of hops, malt, yeast and water.

Bakery products

Many bakeries traditionally make bread, pretzels and other pastries with lard. To make the flour smoother or as a flavor enhancer, L-cysteine ​​is used - a sulfur-containing amino acid that is partially obtained from animal hair fur or feathers. It can be recognized by the abbreviation "E 920". But bakeries usually have a book with all the ingredients or they have labeled the ingredients on the counter.