How profitable is the recording studio business

How to open a business plan for a recording studio. Business plan for recording studios

The studio business is a rather narrow niche in the modern market, and the whole point is that only those whose lives are closely related to creativity and music can develop in this direction. Let's try to find out how profitable it is business recording studio and where to start to create a profitable and successful record company.

In times of crisis, an expensive recording studio can be unprofitable from a business perspective. Of course, every self-confident connoisseur of high quality music wants his own Real World by P. Gabriel "or" Abbey RoadHowever, if you are thinking of a business plan for a recording studio, the one thing you should immediately prepare for is that in modern reality, the winner is the one who can afford the dumping. Basically, these are the so-called " home studios"Those with large areas of land, expensive equipment and truly high-quality services are forced to stand idle and suffer losses.

The problem is that Russian music consumers' tastes are not particularly demanding. And if the target audience does not show high demands Why pay too much to improve the sound quality? In addition, many modern musicians, bypassing the stage of recording a CD, immediately upload their works to the Internet, knowing that one way or another they will end up there, but this time "thank you" to the pirates. And the World Wide Web and high quality music are incompatible concepts. Of course, many artists and bands are willing to pay for a "CD", but they are recorded directly during rehearsals. Preferably in a small home studio. Unfortunately, but in Russia, CDs often act as promotional leaflets designed to attract as many people as possible to a concert or to attract the attention of a wealthy sponsor willing to get involved in a corporate event. When consumers download music online for free, the sale of discs becomes unprofitable. It is therefore not surprising that few people care about the quality of the sound recording in such conditions.

How to open a recording studio

Opening your own recording studio is much easier today than it was decades ago. And all thanks to the advent of digital technology. Also, in the case of a home studio, you don't have to pay rent for the room. The necessary technical equipment requires a powerful computer with a high-quality sound card, studio monitors, microphones, a MIDI keyboard and closed headphones.

For example, you need software Professional tools... Don't repeat the mistake of many aspiring entrepreneurs: save space for a recording studio, don't save on licensed software! In order for your artist's recordings to reach the serious western market, it is even better to install a Microsoft licensed office. If you don't want to buy, search the internet for free legal programs, but don't download pirates. With this software, your performer can at best sing in a restaurant.

How much is it?

The purchase of equipment will cost about 150,000 rubles... It is not necessary to look for individual specialists for the position of composer and arranger, a talented sound engineer can handle this easily. An hour of work costs 500-1000 rubles. When you find customers, you can count on stable, albeit low, income. If you want to start your own recording studio business, remember the “genre specialization” secret of success.

Each studio should have its own musical focus. Don't try to capture everything at once. Decide what to write: live music or electronically. The technical equipment of the studio, its capacity and even the decoration depend on it. Look for a specific quota of music, build your clientele, and if you're lucky, your studio will turn into a club get-together. The recording studio doesn't pay off - it's tightly linked to the rest of show business. This means that there must be a constant stream of musicians flowing through your studio. Where can I find them? Of course, it's pretty stupid to run after them at music parties and offer their services. Let them find you. You can offer hourly rental of the studio as a rehearsal point, at the same time the equipment is not idle. Such a move can be quite profitable since there are so many young talent out there that there simply aren't enough dedicated rehearsal locations for everyone. A recording studio and rehearsal room in the same room can be a lucrative combination! It's easy to find customers for entrepreneurs who make music themselves. For those looking to buy a recording studio, it is much more difficult to make connections to the musical get-together and move around in those circles.

Don't be afraid of competition from hundreds of sites from professional record labels and technical "pros", they just don't exist in Russia yet. The Soviet entrance school died a long time ago, and the new one has not yet come into being. Experts confirm that the vast majority of sound engineers working in our country are self-taught amateurs.

Today computer technology has gone so far that it is no longer difficult to create and equip a home music studio. We will use these opportunities so that the question of how to make money no longer bothers the musicians.

Ten years ago, when computer components were expensive, buying a computer was an expensive pleasure. Thanks to advances in science and technology, people today have tremendous opportunities both to be creative and to make money.

A musician who decides to follow the path I suggested must first equip a home studio. To do this, he needs a computer, a microphone for voice recording and an audio card to digitize the sound.

He must also learn the techniques of sound recording and learn to work with sound editors.

Without training you cannot continue the initial phase, as well as without investing money to buy technical equipment.

If we talk about the parameters of a computer system, it is desirable to have a hard drive of at least 500 megabytes and a memory of at least 2 gigabytes. A priori, the higher the parameters of the computer system, the better, but believe me, you can use a less powerful system for work.

The idea of ​​making money lies in the fact that as a musician you have to start recording your own musical works, if at all, or recording young artists.

Many musicians have practical experience in arranging and composing music. All you have to do is translate it to the level of engineering, that is, computer processing, and earn money from it with the help of a computer and your musical skills.

You need to learn how to record, how to use sound processing plugins, how to apply a compressor and EQ, how to process vocals, how to mix and master.

There's a lot to learn, but comfort yourself that you can expand your possibilities as a musician by combining common notation and layout with modern music editing features.

Once you are familiar with the music editor, the next step is to make demo recordings. You need to have your own portfolio.

Show yourself as an arranger, sound engineer. Show your unique sound.

You can burn your works on your hard drive and publish them on the Internet and on YouTube. Also register in the musical social networks, show your skills, start advertising.

Your job is to get customers.

The easiest way, of course, is to use your surroundings. Tell your friends what you are doing. Offer them your services for making phonograms, recording beginner singers, and creating musical backgrounds for children's matinees.

Any work related to sound is your bread. Somebody needs a phonogram, get to work. Someone wants to register their voice, accept the order.

While you're just starting out, don't overload, don't go overboard with orders. You need a job now not only to make money but also to gain experience and connections. Increase your authority. Let people say, "He does a good job and takes inexpensively."

Learn, raise your level. Learn from books, watch video tutorials, chat with fellow sound engineers, and learn through real work.

When you start making money, part of it will be spent promoting your services. Another part for updating the studio if necessary.

If you find that you have a lot of customers that there is already a queue for you, gradually increase the prices. This process enables you to weed out random customers from repeat customers. That way you have your own clientele.

In the next phase of development, where you already have a lot of work, you pass some parts of it on to inexperienced engineers who, like you, are also starting their way.

How can this work be organized? For example, you can mix and master yourself, and the recording of some tracks can be broadcast to other musicians.

You can also create a team of remote workers and give them a technical task to create a part or an entire arrangement.

Sure, finding conscientious remote workers who work in a style similar to yours can be difficult, but it is possible.

Another step in the development of the studio is the expansion of the range of services. If you previously only specialized in arrangements, add another service such as: B. dubbing videos and books.

KHOBIZ.RU suggests using remote employees here as well. If you have a developed base, you can give them a technical order, receive the audio recorded by them on the Internet and only work in the final stage of the order.

In this phase the idea of ​​making money can turn into a business idea.

Further development depends on your organizational skills. I showed how you can make money. You have to start with the simplest thing, which is creating your home music studio.

The good idea business that musicians can take advantage of by retraining to computer arrangers.

The article was written specifically for the HOBIZ.RU website

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Russian music is only just emerging, says Ivan Knol. Hence, a recording studio is a very useful and, with the right approach, profitable event. In an interview with Kontur.Magazine, he spoke about the special features of the music business.

The recording studio is noisy and disturbs the neighbors

I've been making arrangements and recording for about ten years. When I was 12 years old, I came to the rock group Night Films (Evgeny Annenkov, Artem Brekhovskikh) for the first time. Then for the first time I saw what a sound recording program looked like: it was a kind of simple program on an old computer. I showed the guys my song and we recorded guitar, bass and voice. I got a lot of emotions, caught fire with it once and for all, thinking I had chosen my own path. Then he played in the rock band "CERBER" (Pavel Vorotnikov, Nikita Zlobin, Alexei Talyansky, Anton Kopylov, Denis Chebotarev). Be that as it may, in 11th grade I suddenly decided to enter the Geodetic Academy.

It seems that from childhood I have studied music, participated in KVN, in general I was a creative person and at the same time I studied in an engineering subject. Actually, I wanted to go to a local theater institute, but while attending preparatory courses I was immersed in the local atmosphere and when I learned that the schedule there will be from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, even on Sunday, I was appalled. I thought I had no personal life at all, I couldn't make arrangements or write songs.

When I was on a bus, I looked out the window and thought: What can I do for a living if I disappear into the theater from morning to evening? I wanted to combine making money with my hobby because I had seen enough of unhappy people who are forced to rush between the desired and the real.

In my first year at Geodesic Academy, I decided to take a break from everything and not make music. In the second year I started singing again and wanted to organize a recording studio at the university. Since the university did not have suitable premises, three years ago I opened a recording studio in my private house in Krivodanovka, 15 km from Novosibirsk.

It was very helpful because the recording studio is very noisy and disturbs the neighbors. Regardless of what sound absorption you make out of insulating materials, vibrations will still occur. In addition, a constant flow of people cannot be avoided. So a detached house was perfect for me. I spent about 250,000 rubles on the first equipment. from their own and parental savings. I bought a computer, a sound card, three guitars, cables, speakers, headphones, and a microphone - the bare minimum for making songs and arrangements.

I made a "universal music channel"

My father is a creative person, he writes poems and songs. I practiced it while recording his compositions. I have been a specialist in information systems since graduating from music school, then I know a lot about computers and music. I myself write songs in different styles - rock, rap, dance styles and chanson. And I write them down.

I worked at home in this mode two years ago. We rehearsed with my guys from the Creative Association Studio for Steel Strings (Renat Sattarov, Denis Kovalev, Svyata Chernyaeva, Sergei Dolin). This association helps young musicians to perform, organize creative concerts and home concerts.

In the recording studio I work separately, every day from morning to evening I try to achieve the perfect sound. We rehearsed with the guys from the creative association for about a year and worked on the Mayakovsvet project. We have already played in Novosibirsk several times. We also plan to develop a tougher project for the sound of The Trailer. We have about five demos in our work. After I've processed the sound, we'll try to relax with these projects.

To do serious business, I registered a single entrepreneur. Little by little, clients learned through word of mouth that I was recording songs, arrangements, and poems. They started contacting me. I also organize live music for weddings and anniversaries. I have a number of devices and when people need sound I am ready to provide anything they need. I became a "universal music broadcaster": I can record a song, play music at an event, or sing. This is one such service package.

You cannot take monthly courses and become a good sound engineer

For example, working from home has the benefit of waking you up and starting work right away. The main disadvantage is that every time new people come into the house, the house is where you need to rest. I seriously thought about the need to set up a recording studio somewhere in Novosibirsk. Now I'm renting a room not far from where I once studied.

I am currently continuing my graduate studies and working on my dissertation, but that doesn't stop me from doing business. The studio had to make more cash injections: buy a drum kit, a sound card to record drums, wires, commutation, soundproofing for sound absorption, and do minor cosmetic repairs.

In order to gain the necessary knowledge and immediately take high quality arrangements, it is not enough to just take a monthly course, so I am constantly gaining experience. To become a sought-after sound engineer and arranger, you need to practice every day. At this point I work alone and later on I want to hire someone to do my duties while I'm not at work so that the rented space isn't empty.

Chanson is very popular in Novosibirsk. I recently started working with Andrey Klimnyuk (Legends of Russian Chanson). I am arranging for him and his Novosibirsk colleague Sergei Klushin. I also record rock bands ("Contact", "Iskria", "Color of the Point"). They are fun guys, a pleasure to work with. We recently recorded all the drum parts for the "Contact" group, now we are recording guitars, there are still all bass parts for nine compositions to be recorded, all of this will be merged and published on the network.

We recently recorded the Bad Harvest album for local rap artist Nikita Khovyakov who has a project called Istov. He was very satisfied and would now like to continue recording with me. He also has his own rock music project - the group "Inside Out". We have agreed to do a rock-style album for autumn or winter. There are a lot of projects and there are also my songs that I want to record.

For example, if all of the instruments are live in the pop and rock genres, it can take about five to six hours to record the instruments and about three to four hours to mix, meaning you can create a finished product in two days.

Russian music is popping up right now

It's common to say that Russian rock is dead, but I wouldn't say that because it's just emerging. Of course we're a bit behind the West, but the guys just lack the stamina now. After all, a song should be written when you have something to say to people. And then, no matter how it was played, even if there are flaws and flaws in terms of the sound, this song will find its listener.

There will always be people who need songs and arrangements. This is the age of the internet, so musicians prefer to sell their products over the internet.

They record good quality songs, make selections, and advertise them in various public places for money. Recording is actually a very lucrative business if you do it carefully, find the right people, work with them, and promote them.

I used to sing, but then I stopped. Now I have recovered from my vocal skills to take part in competitions and festivals. This is necessary so that people know about Ivan Knol's recording studio and can use its services.

There are various venues for rap, pop, rock and chanson performances in Novosibirsk. Of course, the turnover here is not the same as in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but we have a lot of artists and, in general, creative people who can become professionals.

You can learn to make arrangements just by copying other people's songs

There are several recording studios in Novosibirsk - about 15: Megaton, Ivolga, a studio of the state television and radio company, and theaters also have their own studios. There are many places you can register. I am working to get better. I'm gradually making my way to the studio school of the state television and radio company - starting in September I'll be taking courses in sound engineering there. The theory and practice course lasts six months: we'll see professionals record sound guitars and drums.

In the music business, hardware has to be constantly updated. There's even a comic book illness in the United States called Equipment Purchase Syndrome. Musicians constantly want to buy new equipment, hear new sound. For example, I want to buy a higher quality vocal microphone and find a bigger room.

The chanson-style arrangement costs 3,000 rubles, voice recording, mixing and overdubbing - 1,000 rubles. If a person needs something unusual, we discuss it and adjust the price. Four or five chanson-style arrangements a month, a rap-style album, a rock-style album - the ceiling is still high for me.

When you hear a song, you learn it. You need to hear the bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums, and synthesizer part separately. You need to hear how the voice is recorded, how it is distributed across the panorama - the left and right ears, the middle, which parts are included in a particular song. If you take the song apart, you can try to sit down and record it all over again from start to finish. The only way to increase your level is to learn how to copy the song entirely by sound.

Then you can try making your own music. You have to pick up the guitar, hang up your hand, choose a new chord progression, play rhythm with your right hand in a new way - so that a new part can be born that can become a song in the future. The same song can turn into a video.