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Elon Musk has a tactic to avoid wasting time in meetings

Most people don't like it when their precious time is wasted in unnecessary meetings.

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX, has a strategy to keep his employees on their toes, as a former SpaceX employee writes in the online forum "Quora".

The former employee reports a situation in which Musk exposed an employee during a meeting. He writes:

“One of my close friends started here a few years before me. He worked (and still works) on an analytics team where meetings don't make much sense because you can just walk over and ask someone your question instead. He told me this story:

"Elon to a participant in the meeting:'You haven't said anything yet. Why are you here?'"

“It's almost rude, but it makes sense,” he writes. “Don't go to a meeting if there's no reason to; goes to make a decision or to move things forward. In most cases, however, an email is sufficient. "

“Manager Magazin” also reported on Musk's method, an employee quoted Musk in a meeting with: “Watch out, I've seen that now, you're just sitting here; why are you here at all? "

Musk is not the only managing director who attaches great importance to efficient meetings - Jeff Bezos, founder and managing director of Amazon, swears by the so-called "two-pizza rule" to keep meetings as short as possible.

His train of thought is simple: Meetings should be short enough for the entire group to finish two pizzas in the same time. If the meeting lasts longer, it is too long and unproductive.

Bezos told Fortune in 2012 that he likes to initiate meetings with senior executives with quiet reading time, in which participants internalize the facts, take notes and think about solutions before the discussion begins. That way he immediately gets everyone's attention - because nobody likes to waste their time in the conference room.

This article appeared on Business Insider back in October 2017. It has now been reviewed and updated.