What is the other name of jesus


Where does the name Christ come from and how did it come about? How does the name relate to the others: Jesus, Messiah, Redeemer, Immanuel? R. S., Bad Münder

Christ is not a name but a title given to Jesus of Nazareth. It is the Latin version of the Greek word "Christos" (= anointed). That, in turn, is the translation of the Hebrew word “Maschiach” or “Messiah” as we say in German in the Bible. So Jesus Christ means: Jesus, the Messiah.

Originally the Messiah was a name for the anointed King of Israel. Later this “anointed one” became an ideal figure from the tribe of David. After the fall of Israel and Judas, under the Roman occupation, all the longings of the Jewish people were projected onto this political figure of redemption. The New Testament reports that Jesus is a different Messiah than many expected.

In the Bible, names often have specific meanings. The people who saw Jesus remembered the promises of the biblical prophets. Therefore, Matthew once reported that Joseph should name Mary's son "Jesus" (God saves); at the same time the evangelist quotes the promise of the prophet Isaiah: "Look, the virgin will conceive a child ... and he will be given the name Immanuel (God-with-us)" (7:14). For Matthew this was not a contradiction in terms. He wasn't interested in names in an ID card, but in the meaning: God's promises are fulfilled in Jesus. In him God is close to people, with him he saves them.

That is why the angel proclaims in the Gospel of Luke: “Today the Savior is born to you; he is the Messiah ”(2:11). "Savior" - or "Redeemer" (Greek: sotér) - was also called Emperor Augustus, the alleged savior or redeemer of the Roman Empire. Luke adopts this political term to paraphrase the meaning of Jesus: He is the true savior / redeemer, not the emperor.

Jesus is the name. The other names are titles that tell what Jesus is and what he means. "Christ" the most important title; we Christians are named after him.

From Roland Juchem