Boris Johnson is a coward

#Borexit: "Boris, you are the greatest coward in Great Britain"


Brexit leader Boris Johnson is not running for prime minister. Many let their anger run wild on Twitter.

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Contrary to what many expected, the ex-Mayor of London Boris Johnson will not run for the office of Chairman of the Conservative Party and the office of British Prime Minister.

The reactions to social media were not long in coming. Just minutes after Johnson dropped this bombshell, the hashtag #Borexit (box word made up of Boris and Exit) arose on Twitter - and there the users express their horror, their anger, but also their ridicule.

Actor Ewan McGregor is someone who is really mad at Johnson:

"You characterless bitch. You are leading a grotesque campaign to leave the EU, win and fuck off now so that others can clean up your dirt. "

“Churchill had several quirks, but he was never lacking in courage. At times he was a little too brave. Boris Johnson is Britain's greatest coward. "

«I managed to get you guys out of the EU, but I'm not going to waste my time fixing this mess. Brilliant."

«Boris is doing his own bore exit. Incredible. No, actually totally believable. "

"So much for Boris Johnson's political career."

"Here Boris Johnson leaves the press conference"

Video: Boris Johnson announces that he will not run for chair of the Tories after all. (Source: Youtube / BBC News)