Like most free products, they are free

Numerous publishers advertise new customers with free test subscriptions and magazines. Whether trade magazines, annual subscriptions or daily newspapers, you can order the magazines completely free of charge and save money. SPARWELT has found the most popular free trial subscriptions for magazines and newspapers for you.

There are currently some very good documentaries available for free that would otherwise cost up to € 13 if you bought them. We have found some documentaries that you can currently stream for free.

valid until December 31, 2021 | Author: Robert

You can now get a free o.b. Secure tampon for "Ultimate Comfort". To receive your free sample, all you have to do is fill out the form on the promotion page. The tampon is then loudly o.b. sent to your home free of charge within 2 weeks. According to the participation form, the campaign will run until December 31, 2021. Nevertheless, the campaign can be ended early at any time.

Are you still looking for a magazine subscription and don't want to pay a cent for it? Perfect, because with our voucher codeKKS2463827VW you can now secure a 3-month magazine subscription free of charge. There is a total of 28 magazines to choose from: including, for example, "FOCUS", "stern", "Sport Bild", "kicker", "Gala", "TV MOVIE" and many more. We have put together a selection of the most popular magazines for you. Read your favorite magazine for 3 months for free with the voucher codeKKS2463827VW!

valid until May 29th, 2021 | Author: Robert

Boredom? How about a free radio play to pass the time? At WDR you can now listen to "The Jungle Book" for free. It is the classic by Rudyard Kipling. This radio play normally costs € 3.95.

Many companies advertise their product with a money-back guarantee, cashback or a free test in an attempt to win new customers. You simply buy the item in the supermarket and get the purchase price back after submitting the data. From detergents to groceries to shampoo, you can test many products completely free of charge!

Do you want to secure a voucher with just a few clicks? It's very easy with CPX Research. All you have to do is log in and you will then be shown suitable surveys. The nice thing: You can see directly how long the respective survey takes and how much € you earn with this survey. With just a few surveys a day, you can earn an voucher, for example. Registration and participation in the surveys is of course free of charge. Why not try it out right away!

Whether GALA, Garden World, InTouch or CHIP: With "Readly" you can read over 5,000 magazines and journals on your smartphone, tablet and PC. Try the magazine flat rate now for 2 months free of charge and look forward to a € 5 voucher! You must register with Readly no later than 2 weeks after placing your order in order for you to receive your voucher. Please note that you have to cancel the trial subscription during the test phase, otherwise it will be extended by one month at a price of € 9.99. The promotion is valid until further notice!

You can currently order a free cat food sample to be delivered to your home via You can choose between 5 samples. One bag contains 50g of food. Please note that the number of sample bags is limited.

Do you want to earn a few euros with free surveys? Then we recommend the Meinungsmacher portal. With online surveys you collect points for rewards or you can donate the money to a non-profit organization of your choice. If you register now, you will receive a welcome gift of 500 points (500 points correspond to € 1). Get your 500 welcome points now and register for free at Meinungsmacher!

Why wait until next year with the good intentions? Get a free "smoke-free" starter package from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) today. The box contains a jar of peppermint lozenges, a relaxation ball, an informative brochure and a table stand. Your start to a smoke-free and healthier life!

You can currently secure 2 free samples from a selection of samples via the Orthomol-Sport website. Among other things, you can have electrolyte powder or a sports bar sent home free of charge. A maximum of 2 orders are allowed per household. Unfortunately, it is not specified how many free samples the promotion is limited to. Therefore, the following applies: The promotion is valid until canceled or while stocks last.

Unfortunately you can still hardly visit friends or family members, but you can at least put a smile on their face with a postcard. With the motto "Together against Corona" you can now send free postcards to friends, family and relatives. There are many motifs to choose from, which you can also design with your own photos. The promotion is limited to 500,000 postcards. So don't wait too long!

Are you still looking for data volume without paying 1 cent for it? Then off to fraenk: With our voucher code you get a 10 € discount on your first month. It's that easy: download the fraenk app and enter the voucher there.