Can tachyons travel through time

Why invest money when our descendants end up with us?


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Other recipes start like this: You press the mass of the Milky Way into an infinitely long but minimally thin cylinder. Line up 200 neutron stars and accelerate them to at least half the speed of light. Rotate two cosmic strings around each other. None of this sounds like practical motors for a time machine.

Tachyons fly faster than light and thus backwards in time, but they are only a mathematical solution of Einstein's equations, the existence of which has never been proven. On the other hand: You can buy anything on the Internet, even tachyon megacells, a mere five euros each. They are likely to be shipped before ordering.

The British physicist Stephen Hawking believes that if a time machine were developed in the future, we would have received visitors from the future long ago. But do we know that it hasn't already happened without our realizing it? Perhaps, like ASRT co-initiator Siebler in conversation with the Frankfurter Rundschau presumed that "the future police had come" and prevented fatal consequences for future generations. Hawking suspects that the interaction of the physical laws has built in a kind of chronology protection to prevent dangerous time travel.

The paradox is: When the Temponaut appears in December 2012, it is clear that the time machine will be developed (will be developed, will have been developed - the grammar is reaching its limits). Why should the lucky winner then bequeath the 60,000 euros for their development and not just spend it? Or do many worlds exist at the same time, with and without a time machine?

Bumblebee Paradox

Bumblebee Paradox

The fact that a bumblebee cannot fly according to the laws of aerodynamics is one thing myth. It is said to have originated in the early 1930s as Joke at the University of Göttingen. In fact, because of its unfavorable wing area-to-weight ratio, the bumblebee would only be unable to fly if it were an airplane. After all, it was not until the 90s before the final proof was provided that the Flapping wings generated vortices give the bumblebee the buoyancy.

If the time machine does not appear in 2012, 20 percent of the foundation's assets would be distributed equally among the owners of the instruction documents every 25 years, assures the ASRT. This should help to ensure that the temponaut licenses do not end up in the waste paper and there is a residual chance that the time machine will still be developed, wherever and whenever in the multiverse. In any case, the participants in the experiment and their heirs should accumulate decent interest.

The ASRT trio responds to scoffers, skeptics and spoiling fun with the well-known but unscientific Hummel paradox: How this heavy cattle can take off is still not entirely clear. The bumblebee flies anyway.