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Introverted - iNtuition - Feeling - Perceiving
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have their own idealistic view of the world: they are reserved, creative, sensitive and spontaneous. They are guided by their intuition and have a tremendous power of imagination. Realizing oneself in harmony with their personal values ​​is essential for them.

"Do not dream your life, live your dreams!"

INFP are often thoughtful and have a complex world of thoughts and feelings. Most of the time they appear relaxed and like to cheer up others with their good sense of humor. However, they usually hide their deep feelings and rich thoughts, which is why they often make a cool and reserved impression on others. Their strong imagination makes them very imaginative and creative, but they often get lost in daydreams and find it difficult to make decisions. They are often playful and like to add a touch of originality to their everyday life and their surroundings.

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Fictional examples of INFP dreamers:
(Fictional Character, Bis (s) / Twighlight)
Luke Skywalker
(Movie character, Star Wars)

(Series character, scrubs)