Online training for micro-strategies 2


Contents: # Characteristics of a winner # Micro-strategies for sales # Time and customer management # Strengths # Self-efficacy # Increased efficiency in customer contact # The personal path between bonus and burnout # Working in the digital workspace # Mindsetting in sales # Passion in sales # Personal positioning # Self-coaching # Self-organization # Tools for a methodical sale # Sales vocabulary


In this program In this program for team and competence development, we raise the mental and professional skills of the participants to a new level. In this way, the participants expand their repertoire of actions to cope with the challenges of an increasingly complex, faster and more digital sales world. The program is precisely tailored to the needs of sales organizations, both in the field and in brick-and-mortar retail.

Through the exciting combination of sport and business in the transfer of knowledge, people and companies achieve an increase in performance as well as stress prophylaxis in everyday work.

In this program, the participants will strengthen their own self-efficacy, work on their self-reflection, develop skills and work out a personal master plan to increase performance and reduce stress. With discipline in the implementation, this master plan in combination with the acquired knowledge will make a significant difference in the success of everyday professional life.

The team and competence development program is offered as a blended learning variant, an integrated learning arrangement made up of classic learning methods (workshop, seminar) and computer-aided modules. Using the e-learning module, participants can individually determine the learning time, place, pace and style. Day after day, the participants receive a predetermined learning path with compact learning content. Targeted transfer tasks motivate the participants to actively participate. Learning partnerships / tandems motivate the participants, promote internal departmental learning routines and support teamwork in the future. This future-oriented Web Bases training will steer the participants from externally controlled to self-controlled, self-dependent learning.

The accompaniment of the participants by a personal sales coach ensures the learning progress, promotes communication and offers the participants individual support throughout the entire program. First successes and insights are recorded as “winning moments” during the self-learning phase and encourage the participants to continue on the path they have chosen.

The binding nature of the individual knowledge build-up is ensured by the joint kickoff, performance diagnostics (including life kinetics) at the start, personal support from the personal sales coach, learning partnerships with colleagues and the final test within the framework of the sales camp.

Through this training program, participants become

  • Strengthen self-efficacy in order to develop a conviction that one's own actions can make or change great things. In sport you can find this attitude as a winning mentality.
  • Develop personal responsibility, e.g. through self-directed learning
  • improve the ability to self-reflect, e.g. become aware of your own strengths
  • encouraged to try new things.
  • work better as a team.
  • Receive valuable professional input that you will certainly incorporate into your everyday work.
  • Develop your personal master plan

Technical modules of the competence development program

Between bonus and burnout - today's world of work

  • What challenges will await us in an increasingly global and digital business world
  • How the needs and expectations of internal and external customers have and will change
  • How we redefine success and performance

ICH as a success factor - the development of your own potential

  • What role your own personality plays in an increasingly digital world
  • How personal stress patterns and reactions are recognized and processed
  • Why self-coaching methods offer many opportunities

Successful field sales force in multichannel sales

  • Why structure and order are basic conditions in the future
  • What potential the use of digital tools and data offers
  • Why automatisms and micro-routines bring more security to everyday work

Not without my team - advantages and characteristics of real teamwork

  • How we reclaim our time
  • What distinguishes real teamwork
  • Why the importance of standards, rules and values ​​will increase in an insecure world of work

The modules of the development program at a glance

  1. Sales team kickoff: Half-day sales kickoff for attunement, orientation and preparation. If it is not possible to bring the participants together for a kickoff in one place, this kickoff can also be held as a webinar.
  2. Performance diagnostics: Determination of individual performance, e.g. individual appointment per participant on site or as a video conference, or online survey (including Life Kinetiks)
  3. Six-week challenge: self-learning phase, i.e. self-organized learning using an online training program and learning support from a personal coach
  4. Sales Camp: 2-day workshop for employees and managers to develop skills in the context of the new sales world