Do you still like your tattoos

Up close: Gianna Moscato

Gianna Moscato (@yourhvndinmine) is 34 years old and comes from Wanne-Eickel, right in the Ruhr area. Gianna got her first tattoo at the age of 18 and has been able to collect a few more since then.

For her, the motifs that adorn her skin have a lot to do with her past. Some of them also have a very special meaning for them. Her body serves as a kind of diary, with each tattoo representing a small entry. What exactly her tattoos mean for Gianna and why she had to retire so young, she tells you here.

Hey Gianna, you got your first tattoo when you were 18. What kind of motive was that and would you still have it tattooed on you today?

My first tattoo was two lotus flowers on my stomach. I still like her and I don't regret her either.

You told us beforehand that at the age of 34 you are already retired for health reasons. Would you like to tell us how it came about and what you did before?

I did my apprenticeship as an event manager after I graduated from high school. After that I was in a call center and after that I worked in sales in clothing stores from time to time. I also worked as a care assistant in the old people's home for a while.

I have struggled with depression for many years. Has already been to clinics and day clinics four times. Instead of getting better, it usually got worse because there was always something new negative happening in my life. Papa died early. My mom, who is my best friend, has had cancer for the third time and other health problems. Fortunately, she is better now. I am still fighting. In addition to the depression, there was also an eating disorder, where I lost over 20 kg in a very short time and only weighed 42 kg. So it came with the pension. I'm not proud of it and I imagined my life to be really different. I've been back in therapy since January and hope that I can get a better grip on my life now.

Then we wish you a lot of strength for your way! In the Ruhr area, where you live, tattoos are not uncommon. Do you still get noticed by them or do you get comments from strangers?

I live in a small village in Wanne-Eickel. Of course there are always crooked looks or stupid comments. But I can handle that and luckily there are still people who give you nice compliments about the tattoos.

How do you usually choose your tattoo artists?

I don't have a specific method. I have to like the work and of course I also have to like the tattoo artist. After all, you spend a certain amount of time and hours at the tattoo artist and I have to feel comfortable there.

At the moment I am with Elisabetha in the Essen studio “Faith, Love, Hope”. I just love it with her. Both her work and she as a person are great. She understands how I imagine it and implements it perfectly!

You told us that your tattoos tell a lot about your past. Would you like to tell us the stories behind the individual motifs?

There really are quite a few. For example, I have a huge scar on my thigh that I hated as a child and that I was ashamed of too. This is of course different now. Because of the lettering and so, I love this scar now.

Then I tattooed my mom's fingerprint. A poppy flower grows out of it and under the fingerprint it says “Schmuti” - that's what I always call my mom!

Then there's one more thing that shows my love-hate relationship with my dad. I actually hated him. He wasn't a good person, but of course there were times when I kind of loved him despite everything.

And of course my grandma, there is one for her too. However, only her date of birth above her knee and “Omi” underneath. And there are a few more, but in terms of their importance, they are not the most important to me. Still, I love this one just as much!

Now tattoos are more than just an accessory to you. Would you still say that tattoos are also art and how do you define art?

For me, tattoos are a kind of therapy. I can hide behind it. Even if I feel so small, you can't see it from the outside.

Tattoos are of course art, I think. Others paint pictures on canvas or make art in other ways. Art knows no borders and it doesn't matter how and where you carry it out.

That's it. :) Thank you for your time!

And I thank you guys! ❤

Gianna Moscato wears works of art, among other things by Eckel, Waldemar Avari and Elisabetha (Faith, Love, Hope).