What is rudraksh

What are Rudraksha?

Traditionally, the making of malas was a sacred duty that certain people fulfilled for generations. Of course, these people also earned their living with the malas, but in principle they saw it as a privilege to pass the malas on to others. Due to the steadily increasing demand (especially in India), more and more commercial traders are also selling Rudraksha malas. These often use seeds of inferior quality or even completely different seeds that look similar to Rudraksha.

In the case of rare pearls in particular, entire imitations are carved, as rare collector pearls can bring in up to several thousand euros. The imitations are often so good that only very sensitive people even notice the difference. The difference is usually not noticeable from a purely visual point of view and you definitely have to have the pearls in your hand. Therefore it is very important to only obtain Rudraksha from trustworthy sources.

It is also important how the seeds are made into a mala chain. The pearls have to be lined up carefully and sensitively so that no cracks appear inside the pearls. In addition, all pearls should be arranged in the same direction so that the energy can flow optimally.

By the way, we only use cotton threads for our malas, as we are convinced that modern nylon cords ("pearl yarn") do not match the energy of the Rudraksha. We also tie a knot after every single pearl so that the necklace lies better in the hand during meditation.