What do you think of money

"No money, but hold on!"

Every day we receive reports without meaning or understanding. We do not want to withhold one of them from you. Today: Russia's saying of the year.

Moscow - A snotty Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has given Russia the award of the year 2016. "There's no money, but hold on!" Said the head of government of the crisis-plagued country to angry pensioners on the Crimean peninsula. The old comrades had hoped for more from the Russian annexation of the peninsula. Second place in the Propaganda Language category shows that one can still expect a lot from Russia. President Vladimir Putin proves this with his statement: "Russia's borders have no end."

The Kremlin chief said that jokingly, the linguists found, but at a time when Russia is again expanding its influence, there is something threatening about the sentence. Incidentally, the Russian experts chose “Brexit” as the word of the year. Then they are very close to us again, because according to a survey that would also have been the Germans' favorite. Instead, the Society for German Language opted for “post-factual”, which in turn builds a bridge to Vladimir Putin. In this sense: "I don't know if the Russian is coming, but hold on!"

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