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Polit series - Designated Survivor: Netflix discontinues series after three seasons

For some, the "Designated Survivor" series was the replacement show for "House of Cards" after Kevin Spacey was dropped from the series because of allegations of abuse against him. "Designated Survivor", the third season of the series was released on June 7th on Netflix, tells the story of a backbencher in the US parliament who becomes the only survivor of the political establishment after an attack on the entire parliament in the Capitol . He must immediately defend himself against conspiracies and intrigues and the masterminds behind the attack - and against public opinion that he is completely unsuitable for the job as US president. But the story will not go any further - after three seasons it is over, as the streaming service Netflix announced.

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Netflix only produced one season of “Designated Survivor” itself

"We are proud to have offered the fans a third season of Designated Survivor‘ and will continue to offer all three seasons in the coming years, "US media quoted the streaming service as saying. The US broadcaster ABC originally produced the series, and for the third season it went to Netflix.

Netflix is ​​currently evaluating its own productions. The background to this is the increasing competition from Apple and Disney. The fact that the program “Designated Survivor” is being canceled could be a first consequence of this evaluation.

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