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What did the symbols on cosmetic products mean?

Since all cosmetic products sold have been subject to the EU Cosmetics Regulation, the back of tubes and jars is like a picture puzzle, as a lot of information has to be placed on it. We have deciphered the most important symbols for you, which is very important for correct use and the search for the right product.

Symbols of durability

As a consumer, however, you can generally assume that cosmetic products can be kept for at least 30 months from the date of manufacture. If this date is not reached, a best-before date must be given in the form of this hourglass.

The opened crucible means that the product can be kept for 12 months after opening, provided it is stored properly.

If "EXP" and the date are on the product, it is the expiry date.

Pack sizes and batch number

Have you ever wondered what the Numbers in a rectangular box stand? For example, it says 270 on a can of hairspray that contains 200 ml. This is the total volume of the spray bottle including 70 ml of leavening agent.

The number and letter code of the Batch number / LOT serves to identify the preparation from a specific production process.

Furthermore, there are rectangular framed information from N1 to N3 on cosmetic products, which stand for the package size. N1 is the smallest unit, N3 the largest.

What distinguishes environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products?

With the Eco-Cert seal Natural and organic cosmetics as well as ecological detergents and cleaning agents are recognized. It means that organic cosmetics must consist of at least 50% and natural cosmetics at least 95% of herbal ingredients. The packaging must also meet certain criteria; nanoparticles are prohibited, as are genetically modified ingredients.

The Vegan flower (not shown here as a symbol) guarantees that the ingredients and auxiliaries of the product are not tested on animals.

The "leaping bunny“Is an international seal of quality for cosmetics without animal testing.

What about the packaging?

The triangle made up of three arrows tells you that the packaging recyclable is.

Extremely flammable contents of the pack have a white diamond with a red border and a black symbol, and are often found on spray cans or nail polish remover. Since December 2012, the square and orange-colored pictograms are no longer allowed according to European guidelines.

The green dot stands for the participation of the manufacturer in the international management system for packaging waste.

The black triangle made up of three arrows gives details about the Composition of the packaging material at. Sometimes there is also a round circle with a chemical element symbol (e.g. AL), which then stands for packaging made of aluminum.

Ingredients and composition

The Components are given in an internationally valid language, the so-called INCI nomenclature. The order is in descending order according to weight. Should one of the 26 Fragrances which most frequently cause allergies, it must be listed by name. Otherwise, fragrances are grouped under “aroma” or “perfume”. Dyes are given a number and the designation CI (for Color Index), and can be identified more precisely in this reference work.

Other important / necessary information on cosmetic products

  • Name and address of the manufacturing company,
  • Intended use of the preparation,
  • Country of origin, if the product was imported into the EU,
  • Precautions in use.
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