What qualifies as a heavy construction

Welded constructions

In addition to welding various types of steel and stainless steel, we also offer welding of aluminum alloys. Our welders are highly qualified and certified according to European standards. The MIG / MAG and TIG / TIG processes are most frequently used.

Why welded structures from Zihos?

  1. We weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.
  2. We weld both small and large structures.
  3. Professional welding team including a welding engineer.
  4. We offer piece and series production.
  5. We manufacture our own welding machines for series production = lower order price

Production of own constructions and frames

In 2015 we purchased a press brake with which we can bend and weld our own constructions made of sheet metal and profiles. We can therefore offer the customer the planning and production of various curved and welded constructions according to his wishes, for example welded machine frames and welded machine equipment (4.5 m length, 2 m height, 2 m width, weight up to 3 tons) and the like.

Series and piece production

We weld small parts in our own production facilities as well as large and heavy welded constructions. We offer piece and series production for our regular customers. In series production we can offer a relatively interesting price. We use automatic welding machines that we manufacture ourselves for series production. In this way we can do the work more effectively, automate it and ultimately make it cheaper. When we talk about series production, we mean several hundred pieces a year.

At Zihos, attention is paid to the professionalism of the employees

All welders in our company have welding qualifications according to the standard, we also use a certified welding engineer. Our long-term ambition is to employ the best people from the region and train them professionally. We are convinced that this philosophy enables us to compete with disproportionately larger companies in the Czech Republic.

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TIG welding

The welding technology TIG (tungsten inert gas) means Arc welding using a non-melting electrode and inert gas protective atmosphere. The electrode is exposed to extreme temperatures during the welding process, which is why it must be made of a durable material. For this reason, tungsten electrodes are used (the English word tungsten means tungsten in German). The TIG process is also under the name TIG welding known - it is the same procedure. The most important advantage of TIG welding is the precise performance and high level of control over the weld pool. TIG welding is mainly used for Steel welding. This procedure is used in the following areas:

  • thin connections and materials
  • Complicated and smaller welded constructions made of high-quality types of metal (bicycle and motorcycle frames, ornaments, etc.)
  • Boiler tubes in the energy industry, etc.

MIG welding

It is semi-automatic Arc welding of metals in an inert gas protective atmosphere - the abbreviation MIG comes from the English "metal inert gas". The MIG welding process is used in particular for Welding aluminum and of light metals in general. In MIG welding, argon or its mixture with helium is usually used as the inert gas. In addition to aluminum welding, this process is also used for welding copper (including alloys - especially bronze) and titanium.