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Cheap flights from Frankfurt to Amritsar

There are currently no scheduled flights from Frankfurt Rhein Main Afb Airport, which is located near downtown Frankfurt. Passengers wishing to travel to other parts of Germany or the world from Frankfurt should prefer Frankfurt am Main International Airport, which is 15 kilometers from Frankfurt Rhein Main Afb Airport. To get to Frankfurt Airport, you can always easily find taxis, carpooling, rental cars or trains in Frankfurt city center. If you are staying in one of the hotels in downtown Frankfurt or near the airport, you can take the free or inexpensive hotel shuttle to the airport. In Frankfurt, the bike is also a very popular form of transport to get to the airport, especially among those who live in the city. Booking the airport shuttle to get to the airport from Frankfurt city center is also another pleasant option.

Airport shuttles

Airport shuttles, available after booking in advance, are an ideal means of transport for one or more passengers. If you book your seat for the airport shuttle, which departs from downtown Frankfurt, you will be picked up from anywhere in the city center and taken directly to the terminal entrances of Frankfurt Airport. If you make your reservation a few weeks in advance, you can take advantage of these shuttles at a cheaper price.

Hotel shuttles

Some of the hotels near Frankfurt International Airport, such as ACHAT Hotel, Holiday Inn Express Frankfurt Airport, Best Western Amedia Frankfurt Airport, NH Hotel Frankfurt Airport West, Holiday Inn Frankfurt Airport North, InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport, Ramada Frankfurt Messe, Mercure Hotel Frankfurt Airport Kelsterbach, NH Frankfurt Niederrad or Ramada Niedernhausen Micador offer shuttles directly to the airport. When you stay in one of these hotels, you can travel to the terminals of Frankfurt International Airport from your hotel for free or at a low price. Don't forget to get information about the hotel in advance and, if necessary, book to take advantage of the hotel's shuttle service.

Rent a car

Almost all international car rental companies have an office in downtown Frankfurt, so you can easily rent a car and drive directly at the time you want. As there are also many car rental offices in the airport, just like in the city center, you can drop off your rental car at these offices and continue your journey by plane. After exiting Frankfurt city center, you can easily find your way to the airport by following the signs on the street. If you still need help, a city map or sat-nav will be very useful.

Car pool

Carpooling is widespread in the city of Frankfurt. You can choose a car by going to the downtown car pool locations. From there you can travel to the airport extremely cheaply. You can find the car pool locations in different parts of Frankfurt.


It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get from Frankfurt city center to the airport by taxi. Taxis in Frankfurt are usually very cozy and comfortable. You can also find larger vehicles with higher passenger capacity, specially designed for large groups or families in the city. Make sure you get off at the correct terminal at the airport so you don't have to walk long distances between terminals and miss your flight. If you get off at the wrong terminal anyway, you can take the shuttles that transport passengers between the airport terminals to get to the correct terminal.


Anyone coming from downtown Frankfurt or from cities such as Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Mainz or Wiesbaden can take the train to the airport. These trains are numbered differently depending on the route and enable inexpensive and traffic-free travel. Germany has one of the most modern railway networks in the world. If you need to travel to Frankfurt International Airport from other cities in Germany, you can travel to Frankfurt by direct or connected trains and be at the airport without having to change to another vehicle. If you are arriving by train, you can take a taxi, bus, or other alternative vehicle to the train stations and then take the train towards your destination.


At Frankfurt International Airport, buses are used to travel between the terminals instead of going into the city center. If you want to travel from one terminal to another, you can take the buses that are available for passengers free of charge and will be at the desired terminal in a few minutes. If necessary, you can contact the information desk at Frankfurt International Airport for detailed information about the bus routes or departure points.

Airport information

You can use private passenger lounges, free WiFi, ATMs, exchange offices and many other services in Frankfurt International Airport. There are many restaurants and bars in the airport such as Kaffee Kimbo, Ciao Italia, Ditsch, Erste Wiener, Goethe Bar, Hausmann's, Burger King, Asia, McDonald's, Tasty Donuts, The Bar, Reingold Bar or Starbucks. If you want to go shopping at the airport, you have the option of choosing between a wide range of alternatives in the duty-free area of ​​the departure terminals. You can buy almost anything at the airport, from toys, cosmetics, souvenirs, books, magazines to health products. If you need to buy electronic equipment without leaving the airport, you can also find electronics stores at the terminal. At certain times there are guided tours for passengers who want to get to know the airport better. You can join one of these tours and learn more about Frankfurt International Airport if you have time before your flight. You can enjoy the scenery by going out onto the specially reserved terrace.

Updated on: May 11, 2017