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Freelancer and you - work successfully with the self-employed

Typically, freelance writers and other writing freelancers are extremely communicative people who are easy to communicate with. Here, too, mutual respect is the basis of every successful collaboration. Authors are mostly people with a - more or less pronounced - artist soul. It could therefore be advisable to leave them a “long leash” and a certain amount free space at their work. Copywriters who have been in the business for a few years in particular know what they are doing. Many entrepreneurs are still very much caught up in business thinking and insist on "tried and tested" methods that they have copied from supposedly more successful competitors. Of course, the results have to be right - good freelancers know that too. But if you want them to be really motivated, they have to write yours trust feel.

We assume that you are a freelancer based on recommendations or strong credentials at first. In any case, word of mouth and personal recommendations play an important role in finding suitable freelancers, as these usually distinct networks care for. For example, if you need highly specific texts on a topic that one copywriter cannot cover, they will often be able to recommend a suitable expert to you. In return, you should too Advertise freelancers to colleagues and business partnersif you are satisfied with their services. After all, service providers will recommend you to others if they have had good experiences with you. One hand washes the other.

If you choose the cheapest option and work with as yet unknown career starters, you will really need patience and have to lower your standards a bit. For this, newcomers to the writing guild will endeavor even more to respond to your wishes. What they lack in experience, they will try to make up for with particular diligence.

No matter who you work with - if the performance is not right and you have legitimate criticism to express, you should do so too. After all, one of the greatest advantages of working with freelancers is theirs Interchangeability. Conversely, that means, of course, that a copywriter whose services you appreciate and want to use in the long term deserves your praise. Practically all people who make their living writing crave recognition. Honor where honor is due and you will be with Freelancer partnerships rewards that will fuel your business success over the years.

Letters copywriters using the order form

Let's make it short - because this point is only relevant if you have your Choosing freelance copywriters via an online portal and provide them with orders. Such copywriting portals and similar job boards usually provide one Order mask to disposal. This is a type of text editor in which you can important key data of your order and your individual specifications, as far as implementation is concerned, you can hire the author of your choice. To make things easier for you, these order masks usually contain a number of predefined slots for the key points of the copywriter's briefing.

Here you can, for example, specify what the heading should be and what the essence of the text to be written should be about. Further definitions would be Focus keyword and which other keywords you also value.

You can often configure whether keywords can be written inflected. We strongly recommend inflected keywords to allow, otherwise your copywriter may have to create awkward sentence constructions in order to accommodate your keywords as required. If the keyword is “rich”, it should also be written in the inflected version, for example, as “rich” or (the) “rich”.

You can also use the permitted Minimum number of words as well as the desired Maximum number of words to adjust. Note that the text must be long enough to make sense of the required number of keywords.

Finally bid Order masks Usually there is still the possibility of explaining your requirements and wishes to a larger extent in a freely formulated text. Maybe there are one or two points that are particularly important to you and that were not covered by the given slots. At this point you shouldn't be embarrassed about your written language or your lack of spelling skills. Just write in your own words and according to your taste what matters to you - after all, the freelance copywriter is responsible for the professional implementation.

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