What makes a good startup name

The perfect name for a startup - how can you find it?

You know what you want to do for yourself, but the perfect name for the startup still missing? It was the same for us at Billomat at the beginning. We had countless ideas, and none won us over. Here you can find out what we did and what we would advise you to do.

We at BillomatWhen our startup wasn't even called that, we racked our brains about good names. We collected all sorts of ideas, but none of them inspired us and certainly did not lead us to our goal: to find the unique and perfect name for our business idea.

When we got stuck, we finally hired a naming company to do the search for us. We paid a fee and the company suggested so many names until they found the perfect name for us: Billomat.

Why is Billomat the perfect name for us?

Why is it perfect from our point of view? Because it is easy to understand and easy to pronounce. And because it describes exactly what our company is and does: "Billing" and "automatic" = automatic invoicing. And because the origin of the two words is English, the name is understandable and unmistakable internationally.

But our way, the perfect name for the startup is not automatically transferable 1: 1 to your startup. Because there is no one right way to get there. There are also no rules as to whether a name should be as weird and eye-catching as possible, or whether the name should tell you what kind of startup it is. There are also no guidelines as to whether the name should sound German or international. And finally, there are no rules or guarantees that the name ultimately chosen will actually work and be easy to remember.

14 questions to help you find the perfect name

She does all of this Name search not really easier. You should therefore always ask yourself these questions when looking for the right name:

  • Does the name really not yet exist? (Search engines, the company register and the patent and trademark office, among other things, help here.)
  • Does the name reflect your work philosophy and your startup plan?
  • Can you understand what the name is supposed to express or is it misleading?
  • Can your target audience understand the name and identify with it?
  • Can you and can your team identify with the name?
  • What do others, outside the industry, understand by this name? How do you find him?
  • Does the name sound like another well-known company or is it really original?
  • Is it easy to pronounce? Is it easy to remember?
  • Can you understand the name internationally (if you also have an international market in mind) or is it rather misunderstood?
  • Is the name really sustainable? Would he also be able to survive internal restructuring?
  • Doesn't the name sound rather annoying or constructed or boring?
  • What do you name the domain? Is the domain still available? Can you misunderstand the domain?

10 tips for name finding companies and generators

And here are ten Companies and name generatorsthat will help you find the perfect name for your startup to be able to help:

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