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Free web seminars: Corona tests in companies

The new ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) obliges companies to offer self-tests to their employees who do not work exclusively in the home office in order to break chains of infection.

In order to achieve this goal, the corona self-tests must be carried out reliably and used correctly. Therefore, many companies would like employees of their own company to be available to help and motivate other employees.

The three short seminars provide initial assistance in dealing with voluntary self-tests and quick tests ordered by the employer. Participants also receive an overview of the framework conditions, decisive organizational measures and information on the practical implementation of self-tests in operational practice.

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We run these free webinars in cooperation with DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH. Please register via our partner's portal:

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Web seminar: Corona tests in companies - what is legally possible and what is not?

The following questions will be examined in more detail in the webinar:

  • Do companies in their position as employers have to offer their employees (free) corona tests?
  • Are companies allowed to order corona tests if employees do not want to carry them out themselves? And if so, what should be considered?
  • Are companies allowed to request a self-test that has been carried out and ask for it beforehand?
  • Are companies allowed to refuse access to the factory premises without a corona test?
  • Are companies allowed to order vaccinations?
  • Is it okay to do without a mask if a negative corona test is presented?
  • How can a company react if employees do not follow a lawful instruction for a corona test in a specific individual case?

Target group: Employees in the company who are entrusted with the subject of "Corona and Corona tests".


Web seminar: Organize and carry out Covid-19 self-tests in the company

"Organizing self-tests effectively in the company - the process" | The following questions will be discussed in the webinar:

  • Organize testing - which responsibilities and prerequisites must be created in companies?
  • Obtaining Rapid Tests - What Types of Rapid Tests Are There and How Do Companies Get Them?
  • Performing Testing - What do companies need to consider when preparing and performing self-tests?
  • Document results - How does the company have to document the performance of self-tests?
  • Qualifying staff - How can companies train and sensitize their employees to carry out self-tests?

Target group: Employees in the company who are entrusted with the subject of "Corona and Corona tests".


Short webinar: Accompanying corona self-tests in the company

One-hour short webinar including accompanying materials for download / by email:

  • Understand the basics: Which organizational requirements have to be met? How is the process?
  • Accompanying self-tests: How do you recognize whether they have been carried out correctly / incorrectly? How do you react to complications?
  • Initiate follow-up treatments: What to do if the test results are positive?
  • Document self-tests and issue certificates: Which regulations apply in which federal state? Where does it make sense to certify the result? How are the certificates to be issued?

Note: This webinar conveys how the implementation of corona self-tests in the company can be properly accompanied. The correct use of so-called medical rapid antigen tests for Sars-CoV-2 in other people, for which a corresponding certificate is required, is not part of the qualification.

Target group:For employees who want to practically coordinate and support the implementation of the self-tests in the company on site.



Technical and organizational preparations are straightforward. To enter the digital workroom, the participants only need a computer with internet access, loudspeakers and ideally a camera. The exchange between the participants and the trainer takes place either via microphone or via the chat function.


DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH: Registration and contact person

In view of the importance of the topic, we are receiving so many registrations that we would like to enable you to register for both seminars directly via the registration link to the booking portal of DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH.

Note: Interested parties have to register once on the website below using the link in order to be able to book the webinars on corona tests. The booking procedure in the portal for both free web seminars on "Corona tests in companies" is then very simple.

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