How does Clickbank work

Clickbank marketplace offers and explanations of terms

In the last article about Clickbank I wrote that this platform and the products it promotes can be used very well for beginners in affiliate marketing.

But just selecting a digital product on the Clickbank marketplace and promoting it on your own website or blog is not enough.

This article deals with important information in the seller or vendor profiles, which should ultimately also be taken into account when selecting affiliate products.

In the Clickbank marketplace, German products are steadily increasing, but are still clearly in the minority compared to English-speaking products. It is to be hoped that in the near future, good German digital information products in a wide variety of categories will be posted on Clickbank and that interested affiliates will be able to advertise them.


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Clickbank marketplace - How do I find German products?

In the Clickbank marketplace, all product categories from art & entertainment to travel are listed first on the left-hand side. If you want to keep an eye out for German products, then you should click on the "Advanced search" link next to the search field in the marketplace.

In the form that opens, it is enough if you then select the desired category and set the product selection to German.

I looked around for German information products in a few categories and in the “E-Business & E-Marketing” category I came across well-known information products and information marketers such as Mario Wolosz and Ralf Schmitz, whose products are generally sold very well. They are marked with a red star in the graphic below.

If you want to find out more about the individual products and their providers, simply click on the red title link (also known as the hop link). Then you get to the sales page of this product.

For some products you will find the link “Vendor Spotlight” under the “Apply” button. There you can find out more about the seller (also called vendor) and their products on Clickbank.

Correctly read a vendor profile

What does all the information mean within a vendor advertisement? The seller, product provider or vendor has 255 characters available on Clickbank for the description of their product. He can also give it a title (red font).

Under the description you will find important statistical information about this product, which is not easy to understand at first glance.

First $ / Sale:
Behind this information you will find the average commission (in US dollars) that you earn per successful product referral. This amount already includes refunds, chargebacks and sales tax.

Total average Fig .:
This value only applies to subscriptions (memberships, etc., where the customer is charged with recurring debits). This number represents the total commission of all recurring charges. The initial charge is not included.

Mean % / Fig .:
This value is also only available for subscriptions and represents the average commission rate of all recurring charges (excluding the first charge).

These two values ​​appear at the top of the graphic for the split test club, which is also a member system. You can also recognize a subscription or member product by the double blue arrow below the statistical information.

Average Percentage Per Sale:
This means the percentage of affiliate commission that the vendor pays out. The higher the number here, the more interesting the product is of course for an affiliate. In the examples above, this commission is 30 percent once and 50 percent twice. These are really good commission payments, some vendors even pay up to 75 percent. 

Grav (gravity = severity or weighting):
Behind this name is a key figure of how many affiliates have already made money with this product. I don't know the exact calculation formula either, but the number is supposed to weight the sales of the past twelve weeks that have been made through the various affiliates. The higher the weighting, the more successful the product will be. 

However, a low Grav value does not immediately mean that the product is selling poorly, but it can also be that the product has not been on the market long, so that it has of course not been sold often.

A Grav value of over 60 percent indicates a product that can be conveyed excellently. On the other hand, a high Grav value also means that a lot of affiliates are marketing this product, which can be good, but also bad. Because if the market for the product is not too big, you should not include this product in your affiliate offer in order not to have to compete with too many other affiliates.

If you have finally decided on a product as an affiliate, you can register as an affiliate using the "Apply" button. In the registration form that opens, you only need to enter your Clickbank nickname, which you selected when you registered with Clickbank.

So much for the most important information about the vendor profiles and their key figures.

What else you have to consider when choosing good affiliate products on Clickbank is in the next article on this topic.