What colors make red

The Pelikan color mixer

Mix opaque colors on the screen. So you can discover new colors. It's that easy: just click on a paint bowl or the opaque white tube and drag the full color into the mixing field under the paint box. Have fun mixing colors!

Everything mixed.

The original Pelikan paint box K12 contains the three primary colors yellow, cyan blue and magenta red. These cannot be mixed from other colors and are therefore called “primary colors”. All other colors can be mixed from them.

For example, yellow and magenta become orange: (by the way: brown is mixed by tarnishing orange, for example by adding the color black.)

A green is created from cyan blue and yellow:

Violet (lilac) mixes from magenta red and cyan blue:

The colors mixed from the primary colors form the secondary colors, i.e. green, orange and violet. If you mix a secondary color with a primary color, a so-called tertiary color is created. The complementary colors are formed by two opposite colors in the color wheel, because these represent the greatest contrast between two colors.

Everything painted.

Mixing colors on the screen is a great thing. But it is much nicer if you can also paint with your color. All you need is your Pelikan paint box, a drawing pad, some water and a brush. All mixed colors that you were able to try out on the screen beforehand can easily be mixed with the original Pelikan opaque colors.

The Pelikan opaque paint box behaves according to the subtractive color mixture.

Mixed on the screen, painted with Pelikan opaque paints - a brilliant idea!