What causes a refrigerator to explode

How can I prevent the refrigerator from overheating?

One cause of fires in the kitchen can be overheated refrigerators. In contrast to technical errors or short circuits, this risk of fire can be prevented by incorrect behavior.

Refrigerators work with the aid of a compressor that transports the heat from the refrigerator to the outside for cooling. This means that heat is always generated on the outside of the device during operation. If the compressor does not work properly, the refrigerator will overheat and catch fire.

If the refrigerator compressor runs hot, it can have different causes.

  • the refrigerator is overloaded because hot food has been placed in it
  • the refrigerator door is leaking
  • the refrigerator door was left open
  • the device is too warm
  • the refrigerator has been tipped over or transported incorrectly
  • the thermostat is defective
  • the compressor or heat exchanger is not working properly

If the device is defective, you must remove the power and have it checked by a specialist. Overloading through incorrect use can be avoided with these tips.

Correct use of refrigerators

  • Food should always cool down to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator - so don't put the steaming noodles in it.
  • Place the refrigerator as far away as possible from the heater or other heat sources.
  • It should also not be too close to the wall. The grille at the back should not touch the wall.
  • After a refrigerator has been transported, it must stand upright for several hours before you can switch it on. The compressor fluid must flow back to the right place. How long the device must stand can be found in the instructions for use.
  • Defrost the refrigerator regularly, preferably two to three times a year.

What to do in an emergency and if the refrigerator is damaged

  • Avoid naked flames or sources of ignition,
  • disconnect the device from the power supply,
  • ventilate the room in which the device is located
  • contact a technician
  • in the event of smoke or fire, call the fire department.