What are teenagers who are tired of hearing

12 phrases that young mothers are tired of

"Was it an accident?" or "I hope you enjoyed your figure before you became pregnant." There are sentences that young mothers don't want to hear. Nevertheless, there are well-meaning know-it-alls who are constantly annoying with advice. Not anymore!

Young mothers love to play with their children. Image: Getty Images, CasarsaGuru

All mothers know it, well-intentioned advice from all sides. You are already overwhelmed during pregnancy. Once the little gold treasure is born, it usually gets worse. Everyone knows better anyway. Young mothers have a particularly difficult time and have to constantly listen to annoying comments. Young mothers are getting fed up with these 12 sentences:

1. "Was it an accident?"

Besides being one of the rudest questions to ask a mother, it is even worse for new mothers. Regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned or not, nobody describes their child as an "accident" and does not want others to think that way about the beloved bundle of joy.

2. "You're still a child yourself!"

This phrase mostly comes from an older woman who sees young women as "children". The reality is different, a woman in her twenties is an adult, regardless of whether she has children or not. And if we're honest, most adults often still feel like children themselves long after they have their own, no matter what age.

Feeling like a child yourself at times is not a bad thing! Image: Alliance, iStock, Thinkstock

3. "I hope you enjoyed your figure before you became pregnant."

Science knows that after pregnancy, a young woman's body can potentially find its way back to its previous figure much faster and easier, without having to do much. So...

4. "But none of your friends already have children."

After all, one of them has to be the first to get pregnant, right? And being the only one in your circle of friends to become a mother also means a lot of attention and love for your little darling.

5. "You should have waited until you were more financially secure."

Having children costs money, no matter what age you have them. Young mothers, as well as older ones, do what they can to make everything possible.

Mothers always give everything to make their children happy - whether with a lot or less financial resources. Image: joingate, iStock, Thinkstock

6. "You should have traveled and seen the world first."

When a woman becomes a mother when she is young, it also means that she will be in her forties when the little ones are out of the house. That means more time - and more savings - to travel than in the twenties.

7. "Didn't you want to achieve your personal goals first?"

Apart from the fact that motherhood was one of the personal goals for many young mothers, the typical goals such as travel, career or saving money can also be achieved with children. Young mothers may have to work a little harder for this, but there is nothing wrong with that.

Reading tip!

8. "I hope you will wait a little longer until the next child."

It is no one's business how long apart a mother has her children. Asking such a question, to mothers in general, could potentially be very hurtful. You never know if someone is trying to get pregnant and maybe having trouble with it, or has just lost a baby.

9. "You have not yet taken the time to enjoy your young years to the full."

You can enjoy your time as a young woman with children and you can also enjoy being a mother for much longer.

10. "What do your parents say about the fact that you became a mother so young?"

Most parents of young mothers are happy that they can spend more time with their grandchildren. And maybe their parents even have the extremely rare pleasure of being great-grandparents.

Children of young mothers may even be lucky enough to have great-grandparents. Image: Ana Blazic, iStock, Thinkstock

11. "Your twenties should just be for you."

Young mothers often have a lot more energy and need less sleep than older mothers, which means they also have more energy to take time for themselves and their friends or partner.

12. "By the time your friends have children, yours are much older."

Of course it is, but it is not the most important factor in personal decisions about when to be ready for your own children. In addition, the friends will later benefit from the mother who is already experienced in their family planning. It is also a good thing to have friends without children of your own, because it provides a change from everyday life as a parent.

In this sense: Mums, no matter what age, don't need annoying comments. Being a mother is a great gift that can be enjoyed in any situation.

How about you Which sentences annoy you the most? We look forward to your comments.

Author: Jasmin Kunz in November 2015