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Top or flop - while the credits are still running, you usually know whether you liked a film or not. But the "why" sometimes gets a bit trickier! All the more exciting when writing a film review to think more carefully about what exactly excites or perhaps bothered you. Sometimes it also has something to do with the expectations that one had in mind through posters, trailers, recommendations or in the case of literary adaptations through the book and which the cinematic implementation does not always correspond to.

At spinxx.de (section: Knowledge) you will find tips for writing a review, which will help you to get to the bottom of your own opinion and to formulate it. Think about whether you want to publish your reviews afterwards, e.g. B. on the website of your institution, on the information board or in the district or local newspaper? If you can imagine writing reviews on a regular basis, you can also get in touch with the cinema on site: Perhaps you can even watch a film for free from time to time if you then write and publish reviews? It's worth a try! If you publish the reviews online, you can take into account the copyright notices z. B. also include press photos or the trailer.